Best Bags for MacBook Pro

5 Best Bags for MacBook Pro (2021 and Older Versi)

A laptop bag is a very important thing that everyone needs to carry a laptop with them while travelling or commuting. A good laptop bag should be durable and comfortable to use. There are various types of laptop bags available in the market but there are few bags that are really worth buying.

When most people think of a bag, they’re likely thinking of the handbag. Well, there are actually a variety of laptop bags on the market that are worth considering. At work, you may need a bag to carry your laptop and documents. At home, you may want a bag to carry your laptop and your toys. You may think the only bag for your laptop is the one that came with your laptop, but your computer is an investment, and you want it to last as long as possible.

With so many different types of bags to choose from, picking the right ones can be a huge hassle. But if you know the right features to look for, finding the perfect bag for your MacBook Pro shouldn’t be so hard.

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Best Bags for MacBook Pro in 2022

The MacBook Pro bag is a very important accessory for any laptop user. It helps to keep your laptop safe while travelling or carrying it around. There are various kinds of bags available in the market but choosing the right one is really difficult.

Here are five of the best bags for MacBook Pro, based on user reviews, size, color and protection.

1. Matein travel MacBook Pro backpack

When you need a laptop bag for travel, the Matein travel MacBook Pro backpack is one of the best options. Its sleek design and spacious packing compartment will keep your laptop safe and secure. The backpack is also large enough to hold school supplies and travel accessories. This backpack comes in several different color choices to match your style and needs. You can choose between black or white or any combination of the two. A padded shoulder strap is also available for increased comfort.

The back panel is made of twisted-poly fabric, which makes it comfortable to wear. The contoured straps make it easy to carry, and the back panel is made of a ventilated Airmesh fabric for breathability. A crush-proof compartment keeps your cables and chargers safe. The compartment in the back also features a dedicated laptop pocket, while a separate tablet compartment keeps your entertainment gear safe.

This travel MacBook Pro backpack is waterproof and anti-theft, which makes it a smart choice for those who want a bag that keeps their laptop safe. It also features large shoulder straps that distribute the weight evenly. A detachable USB cable is included in this bag, which allows you to charge your iPhone on the go. The backpack also comes with a small combination lock for added security. It’s also made from durable nylon and includes a retractable handle.

Another feature of the Matein travel laptop backpack is a USB charging port. Its padded back is designed to allow easy access to your MacBook, and there is also an external USB charging port for the laptop’s battery. It also comes with a built-in battery pack that can hold enough juice to charge it several times while you’re travelling. If you want to charge your laptop on the go, you’ll need to purchase a power bank separately.

2. MOSISO Mac sleeve backpack

The MOSISO Mac sleeve is a great choice for carrying your MacBook daily. This lightweight, slim case can fit easily into your backpack or purse and provides reasonable protection against everyday bumps. The black and blue options are particularly attractive. Compared to the diamond sleeve, the tomtoc Mac sleeve is about $10 more expensive. Both bags serve the same purpose, but it depends on your taste and budget.

This bag is made to fit MacBook Air models. It features a slim front pocket and is suitable for both the 13-inch and the 15-inch models. A zipped side pocket provides additional protection and is easy to access. The bag includes a padded compartment for cables and an adapter. It also comes with a large mesh side pocket for other essentials, making it the ideal bag for travelling.

Its sliding laptop compartment slides into the bag from the side. The bag has two separate compartments for smaller items, and a retractable handle keeps it neat. This feature is especially useful on airplanes since long handles are apt to get caught on stuff in overhead storage. However, the MOSISO Mac sleeve backpack does not feature any of these problems. You can purchase the bag here.

3. MANCIO business bag for Macbook

MANCIO’s Macbook backpack is a stylish bag with nylon fabric, ideal for business travel or a day in the office. Durable and waterproof construction with adjustable padded shoulder straps make this bag the perfect companion for day-to-day use. Large storage compartments have a large capacity, perfect to store all your essentials, such as tablets, phones, notebooks, folders, etc. This stylish bag with strong echoes and colors is easy to match any of your outfits.

When you need a sleek, yet comfortable bag for your MacBook, look no further than the MANCIO business bag for Macbook. Available in many sizes, the MANCIO business bag for Macbook has everything you need for a comfortable ride. Made from recycled PET bottles, the bag has water resistance.

Its padded interior keeps your Macbook safe, while its durable exterior protects it from everyday wear and tear. The bag’s magnetic-snap belt flap and felicitous leather decor make it a practical option for any business traveller. Its leather accents give it a classic, professional feel.

Another feature of this bag is a USB charging port. You can charge your MacBook Pro and use it while you’re out and about. The bag also has an invisible card pocket. It’s a smart option for those who use a MacBook Pro daily. You can also use the USB ports for your mobile phone to charge your device.

4. Smatree Backpack for MacBook

Smatree Backpack for MacBook

The Smatree backpack for MacBook is made from a hard shell that protects your laptop from bumps and falls. It’s not too bulky to carry, and it’s waterproof, so it will protect your MacBook from rain and spills. You can wear it as a rucksack or carry it like a bag. The bag performs many functions, so it’s important to consider the size of your MacBook when buying a laptop bag.

It is a good choice for your MacBook Pro 2021. It is durable, with zipped compartments for both your laptop and other essentials. This bag also includes a padded handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. It’s also spacious enough for other items, including a tablet and headphones. The Smatree backpack is available in different colors and sizes, which makes it easy to choose the one that suits you best.

This backpack also has a USB port for charging your MacBook and has a couple of side compartments for smaller accessories. The patented design of this laptop bag will keep your MacBook safe and protected no matter what you throw in it. The Smatree bag has a padded bottom to keep your laptop safe and secure, and the zippers are YKK. It is also made of microfiber leather, which makes it water-resistant and splashproof.

The Smatree backpack for MacBook features plenty of pockets and is padded for 15″ laptops. It also features an external USB port for connecting your power bank. You can choose between seven different patterns and colors. This bag is a great option if you’re on a budget but still want to protect your laptop. These bags are perfect for traveling and are great for college students. You’ll be glad you bought one for your MacBook.

How To Buy Bags For MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro has always been considered as a powerful laptop with amazing features. The latest version of Macbook pro comes with Retina display which makes it look very attractive. However, there are many people who use MacBook Pro but they face problems while carrying their laptops. They find it difficult to carry their laptops due to its weight. This is why many people prefer buying bags for macbook pro. There are many options available online where you can buy bags for macbook pro at affordable prices.

Buying bags for macbook pro is quite easy. All you need to do is visit any reliable store or online shopping site and search for the bags. Once you find the bag that suits you, just click on the link and place the order. Now, all you need to do is wait for the delivery of the bags.


What are the benefits of buying bags for macbook Pro?

You can keep your laptop safe when you are travelling.

What case is best for a MacBook?

  • Incase Textured Hardshell in Woolenex.
  • ProCase MacBook Pro 13 Case.
  • UAG MacBook Pro Rugged Case.
  • Mosiso Hard Shell Case for MacBook Pro 16.
  • Mosiso Hard Shell Case for MacBook Pro 14.
  • Native Union Stow Slim.
  • Moshi Muse 13-Inch 3-in-1 Slim Laptop Sleeve.
  • Pad & Quill Cartella Slim Case.

Can I put my MacBook in a bag?

Yes, you can use any bag.

Can a MacBook Profit in a backpack?

Yes. As long as the MacBook Pro does not strike a hard surface, it can be stored in a sleeve that is just fit, 1-inch larger, 10-inch larger, or no sleeve.

How do I protect my MacBook in my backpack?

Secure your laptop in its protective cover. Ensure proper placement and secure seal. Many backpack-friendly laptop cases, including High Ground’s high-quality protective cases, come with sleek, reinforced sleeves.

Can a 16-inch laptop fit in a 15.6-inch bag?

Yes, it fits in a backpack. There are backpacks for 16-inch computers. It may fit in 15-inch laptop backpacks, but you should check before buying.

Can a classic Kanken fit a 13-inch laptop?

Because I’ve seen videos of people putting (slim) water bottles into the side pockets of the original kanken, and that’s not possible with this 13″ laptop one. Still, a bottle fits inside.


Buying bags for Macbook Pro is a great option. You can purchase the bags at affordable rates and enjoy the benefits of saving money and time.

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