Battery Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Best Battery Cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max in 2022

iPhone 13 has hit the market with its exclusive new features and brand new technology which has taken the storm in the market. People are trying out different accessories that can give them a better and elite experience with the phone. The new iPhone is well equipped with features such as excellent camera quality, attractive design, better security, crystal clear display, and claims to have a battery backup for the whole day.

But in case you are someone who uses the phone the whole day and has a load of work on your phone we suggest you get a battery case. This will give you an extra edge on the already provided battery capacity of the phone. And the more the better. It also saves you from carrying the heavy power bank with you every day and everywhere. The battery case will work as a cover and an extra backup for your phone, so it gives protection too.

How to find Battery Cases for iPhone 13?

The market is has filled shelves with multiple battery cases for iPhone 13. Every case in the market claims to provide some unique feature. But you should look out for main things such as the build-up quality, as it will protect your phone from scratches in a way.

The amount of backup it provides. The case should not get heated fast, or hinder the performance of your iPhone 13. With keeping the budget in your mind you can easily get an ideal iPhone 13 battery case.

List of 5 Best Battery Cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max You Can Buy in 2022

We know it can be a bit confusing and cumbersome task to select the best from thousands of options so this is why we have come up with the top ten list of Best battery cases for iPhone 13 in 2021. The below-given list will consist of the important information about the case and the specific feature it has.

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1. Alpatronix 6500 mah iPhone 13 battery case

Alpatronix 6500 mah iPhone 13 battery case

The Alpatronix battery case gives you a mega battery life of 6000mah, which is enough to support your iPhone for a long time even if you use it regularly. Another amazing feature of the battery case is that you can charge the case without removing it from the phone, it gives a wireless charging experience. It is made easy to install and slide in so you don’t have to go through the hassle of putting the phone in and out again. Additionally, it comes with a tempered glass screen protector and you cannot doubt its durability as it comes with a one year warranty


  • A powerful 6500mAh UL-TESTED battery
  • Compatible with Apple EarPods and Apple CarPlay.
  • Protects your iPhone
  • Tempered Glass screen protector


  • Comes with a year warranty
  •  Made of durable material
  • Provides a great amount of battery backup


  • The case is a bit slippery to hold
  • The side buttons may be difficult to press
  • Is a little heavy

2. Zerolemon 10000mah iPhone 13 battery case

Zerolemon 10000mah iPhone 13 battery case

This battery case claims to provide 170% extra battery backup. It comes with a screen protector which saves your phone from any damage. Along with that gives a ruggedly stylish look to your iPhone.


  • Gives a stylish look
  • Excellent battery backup
  • Durable body


  • It is a bit heavy

3. Maxbear 8500mAh iPhone battery case

Maxbear 8500mAh iPhone battery case

Maxbear battery case provides a high battery backup of 8500 mah. It is a long-lasting and reliable option. If you are someone who is not a fan of basic colors such as black and blue then this could be a great option. The case comes in a range of attractive colors.  The case is made updated with the latest technology which prevents overheating and protects your phone from scratches.


  • Choice of color
  • Rubber material which gives a good grip
  • A year of tech support


  • Takes a bit longer time to charge

4. JERSS: 8500 mAh Battery Case iPhone 13

JERSS 8500mAh charger cover

The battery case enables you to have an extra 8500 mah battery life. It can give extra time to binge-watch or work on your phone without the stress of charging. It has a sturdy build and could be easily installed. The eye-catching feature is the 12 monthly money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.


Choice of colors

  • Fast charging
  • Lifetime tech support


  • Can be a bit heavy to handle

5. Plus Cases 4800 mAh battery case

Plus Cases 4800 mAh battery case

If you want to listen to music on headphones or use earplugs well this is the right choice as it supports headphones and adaptors. Gives a good battery backup. It comes with a wireless charger with fast charging and comes with a sturdy body that protects it from scratch.


  • Wireless  charging
  • Build up quality is good
  • Nice grip


  • Compared to other cases this price gives less battery backup

We hope that the article above helps you to find the best battery case according to your needs. Go through all the features and pros and cons and decide which one fits your budget and is good for you. The battery case will be a great investment for your phone.

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