5 Best Chimes for Ring Doorbells to buy in 2022

Ring doorbells have been used by many of us for a while now. Although everyone loves the convenience it provides but sometimes its chime sound feels more like an annoyance to the ears. Many of us want something personal and compatible hence, they decided to look for different chimes for doorbells. Because many of us wanted the time to be loud enough for people inside the house to hear it but should not be loud enough to create annoyance.

For those who are looking to buy the best chime for their ring doorbell for them this blog post going to be very helpful.

After years of research, I shortlisted the best five chimes for ring doorbells to buy. I have prepared a list on the basis of the price of the product, type of crime, ease of installation, and on the basis of its appearance and product durability. 

5 Best Chimes for Ring Doorbells

  • Broan Nutone
  • Heath Zenith SL 2735
  • Carlon Doorbell Chime CK 225
  • Honeywell Home: RCWL3506A1003
  • Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Gen

As we move further with a product discussion let me inform you first about the best Chimes on our list.

Broan Nutone BK15WH is the best doorbell chime option on our list. It is cost-effective with an attractive appearance and a pleasant chime sound with all the necessary features. Let’s discuss it in more detail.

1. Broan Nutone

Type: Mechanical, wired

It is the best option to buy on our list as I have mentioned in the above blog post.

It comes with all the necessary features and comes a very cost-effective price and has a pleasant chime sound. While reading about its testing results I was very impressed with the versatility of this product.

This can be used with two doorbells at a time and is equipped with eight pre-loaded sounds. Moreover, you can also use the sound of your choice by uploading MP3 audio files.

As it can be used with two doorbells at a time, you can differentiate between the door using sound notes. The chime will ring two notes for the main door and a single note sound for the side/ back door.

Another important thing about this is, that its installation process is very easy and the operation is fairly simple. Even people with little knowledge can install it and use it.


  • Simple and modern design
  • The installation process is very easy
  • Cost-effective product
  • 1- year warranty 


  • The life span of the device is just limited to 5 years

2. Heath Zenith SL2735

Type: Mechanical, wired

Heath Zenith chime is the best option for smaller homes. If you are looking to buy for a basic while charm, with an easy installation process and a cost-effective product then this product is an ideal choice for you.

As I have already mentioned it is ideal for small tones where you need only one or two doorbells. This doorbell chime can be connected to two doors and to differentiate between two of them it has a two-tone sound for the front door and a single-tone sound for the back/ side door.

For effective use, it should be paired with a 16 V transformer required to be purchased separately.


  • Simple yet modern design
  • The installation process is very easy
  • Suitable for small homes.
  • And comes with one- a year warranty 


  • The chasing of the chime is extremely difficult to open.

3. Carlon Doorbell Chime CK225

Type: Mechanical, wired

Carlon doorbell chime is the best budget-friendly option on our list. It is known to be a weird chime kit that comes with a 10VA transformer, one gold push button, and with one white push button.

This is made in China product like other chimes and is also compatible with two doorbells at the same time. Just like other chimes it also comes with a two-tone to differentiate between two doors. 


  • Comes with high durability
  • Easy installation process
  • Budget-friendly
  • It comes with push buttons and a transformer 


  • Comes with a very basic design because some people might find it unattractive.

4. Honeywell Home RCWL3506A1003

Type: Wireless, weird

Honeywell home RCWL3506A1003 is one of the best wireless chimes which works on battery.

It comes with a beautiful and classy design which is beautifully made up of wood and glass. If you have a specific home interior then you should for this chime doorbell for sure.

While testing this product, I was pretty impressed with it. Chimes were connected to up to six doors. Hence, it has six chime sounds out of which you can select which one you prefer. It comes with a self-learning algorithm that removes the interference and has 450 feet operating range and it is compatible with almost all Ring doorbells.


  • Can connect to six doors
  • Modern and classy design
  • Suitable for large homes
  • Chime sound can be changed


  • Requires batteries

5. Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen)

Type: wired, battery

There is a lot to know about the second-generation ring Video Doorbell. Many of us want to know much more about video doorbells to see when their package arrives a=.

This doorbell can be wired or can run on battery power, but also works with Ring Video pro 2 chime, which is quite impressive. When you consider everything you get, plus the $100 price point, it’s pretty obvious that it is one of the most popular Ring Video Doorbell editions.


  • Suitable for large homes
  • Provides Video as well 


  • Runs on battery
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