Best Headphones for iPhone 13 pro mini max

Best Headphones for iPhone 13, 13 Pro Max, Mini [Top Picks]

The new iPhone 13, 13 Pro max, or Mini variations from Apple don’t come with headphones anymore. It is an eco-friendly initiative to reduce carbon imprint. It still leaves us in an unfavorable spot because now we have to shuffle through countless options available in the market to choose the best headphones for iPhone 13.

Don’t you worry! We understand that it can be a daunting task! Therefore, we have decided to wrap up a fantastic list of iPhone 13 headphones available for the new iPhone series. These are future-proof additions and highly compatible. Our list of best iPhone 13 headphones includes Bluetooth headphones, wired headphones with lightning connectors, noise cancellation headphones, and much more. So check the list and select yours.

All of these are to ensure you receive the best headphones with crisp sound quality. So whatever your requirements are and the budget, you will find something worthwhile on this list. With that being said, let’s begin:

List Of Best Headphones For iPhone 13, 13 Pro Max & Mini:

1. Apple Airpods Pro

Before we begin the list, it’s only fair to list the best option with impeccable compatibility and connectivity. Apple’s Airpods Pro is the true wireless earbuds that can bring you the best performance and lossless sound. It will bring you the true sound quality your iPhone 13 pro has to offer.

You get active noise cancellation with up to 24 hours of battery life if you use it with the case. It is highly compatible with Siri and works with almost every Apple device. What’s more? It is sweat and water-resistant. There is soft silicone and premium-grade material for the construction.

Additionally, you get Adaptive EQ which was known to be used by Industry’s top leaders before. The transparency mode makes it easier for you to talk to someone without taking your wireless earbuds off. These wireless earbuds are also sweat and water-resistant. Overall, if you are not looking for headphones but want true wireless earbuds, these are the perfect choice for you.


  • Shorter Stem, but larger bud or head
  • Fit well
  • Water/sweat resistant
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Transparency mode


No physical volume controls buds

2. JBL Tune 510BT

If you are a bass lover, get yourself a pair of JBL Tune 510BT headphones. The headphones work seamlessly with any iPhone device via Bluetooth 5.0 technology. You can also quickly switch between multiple devices so you don’t miss out on any important calls or notifications. 

The pair comes with a famous JBL pure bass and honestly, you have to listen to it once if you haven’t. That’s the only way you can experience what JBL bass is. Apart from the excellent sound quality, you get a staggering 40 hours of battery time, meaning the headphones are good for a 2-day trip. Not only that, a quick charge for around 5 minutes will give you an additional 2 hours of battery backup. 

The headphones feature quick controls and also support voice commands including Google Assistant and Apple Siri. To charge the device, you have a micro USB-C port. 


  • JBL Pure Bass
  • Long battery life (up to 40 hours)
  • Dedicated controls
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t fit too well
  • Occasional connection issues

3. Fusion Beats Bluetooth Headphones

If you’ve loved Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds, then you’re bound to love Fusion Beats. These are Bluetooth headphones that are a perfect counterpart to Powerbeats Pro, which means that you get CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology. It has a noiseless microphone and comes with high-quality sound. In short, you get high-definition quality right off the bat.

Beats is also an apple company, and if you’re looking for headphones, what could be the better place? These fall second to Apple Airpods Pro, and that’s all. You get the same low latency compatibility and lossless sound. These are tangle-free and provide you up to 6.-8 hours of battery life. All you need to do is charge them for 30 minutes for 2.5 hours of performance.

Of course, if you’re not satisfied, you also get a 30-day warranty to return them. In short, these are perfect sports headsets available on the list that are light and quite convenient to have around.


  • More bass and less treble
  • Comfortable
  • Clearer listening experience
  • The sound quality is high
  • Bluetooth is very quick to connect


  • Not usable for outside running or biking
  • Amplifies wind into the ear

4. Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphone for iPhone 13

If you want to branch out from the Apple company or Beats for your iPhone 13, then these could be another fantastic choice as wireless headphones. We all know that Sony has been an industry-leading company when it comes down to producing premium-grade gadgets, especially in sound. Herewith have Noise-canceling headphones that come with dual noise sensors.

The Edge-AI makes it easier for you to have smart performance. It works by detecting whether you’re talking, moving around, and judges the ambient noise. Therefore, it will tone down if you are talking to someone. Similarly, it will stop playing the music if you take them off and so on. If you want the best convenience in headphones for iPhone 13 series, these are the best option.

Additionally, you get up to 30-hours of battery life with a single charge. It also has a quick charge that will refill your battery for 5 hours of playback within 10 minutes. Of course, much like wireless earbuds, you have touch sensor controls and even voice assistant support. It’s like having bigger and better wireless earbuds overall. Overall, you receive superior quality all-around.


  • Amazing noise cancelling technology
  • Sound is very impressive
  • No video lag/latency
  • Running and walking are great


  • Touch controls placement is not ideal

5. Bose QuietComfort 35 II

There’s one thing about Bose Quietcomfort models. Whenever a new variation comes, it is always among the list of the best headphones. Regardless of the purpose, Bose QuietComfort is a perfect choice and defines the true meaning of owning a set of ‘wireless headphones.’

There are three levels of noise cancellation to ensure you can adjust them according to the requirement. From going on a walk to travelling on a plane, these remain effective in performance. You have voice assistant support for almost anything you can do with your phone. Of course, it is primarily Alexa.

Next up, for clear calls, you get noise-rejecting dual microphones. Hence, you don’t have to worry about reaching another person clearly. Additionally, you get an app. This app enables you to choose multiple functions and features, including EQ. Additionally, as you are using an iPhone 13 Pro, Mini, or any variation, you also get access to Bose’s Augmented Reality sound.

In simple words, these are the best-in-class and bring you the best audio performance with the latest Bluetooth connectivity. Finally, you have around 20 hours of battery life. If you don’t want to rely on Sony, then this one is also right for the price.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Noise cancellation
  • Bose QuietComfort truly is comfortable


  • Noise cancellation does not block all sounds
  • Bluetooth skipped every 2 seconds

6. GOODBONG Bass Stereo Headphones

Here is another choice of earphones or a pair of headphones that works as reminiscent of the past. GOODBONG is bringing you a stereo headset with enhanced bass performance. These are Apple Mifi certified. Therefore, you get the best connectivity for your Apple iPhone 13. These are better compatible with iOS 10 and later versions.

With the certification, you get hi-fi sound performance that matches the premium-grade headphone available in the market. There isn’t any distortion, and the design is quite comfortable. Like all other earphones, it is lightweight and easy to carry around. You get noise isolation and suppression.

There is a built-in universal control and mic. You can use these with a voice assistant without any problem. It is easier to attend or reject the call comfortably.  The 10 mm dynamic drivers deliver high definition sound that would surpass any other earphone in the range. Finally, you have kevlar-level wiring that can withstand any wear and tear.

Let’s not forget that you get a lightning connector option for this one, as well. There’s no earphone jack that you would have to rely on. Therefore, these are instant plug and play, conveniently available for you. These are similar to beat flex in many performance aspects, except these are not wireless earphones.


  • Very comfortable
  • HD quality sound
  • Great battery life


  • Noise cancelling is not good

7. RIW-BOX XBT 80 Wireless Headphones for iPhone 13/13 Pro Max

Riwbox XBT-80 Folding Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

RIW-BOX brings you the utmost convenience any headphones can bring to the table. You get wireless Bluetooth connectivity and an earphone jack in the single construct. Therefore, if you run out of batteries, you can always connect them to your phone. But that’s just the start! If you think that Sony and Bose are the only competitors on the list, RIW-BOX is here to prove you wrong.

This headphone for iPhone 13 comes with large 50 mm drivers and a built-in microphone. Thus, you receive larger-than-life sounds with an unparalleled experience. It focuses strongly on bringing you the best-in-class sound performance with optimum clarity that others might fail to match.

There isn’t any compromise to the build quality either. You get the same memory-protein ear cushions and high ventilation for breathability. These have a stainless steel slider and padded headband. Overall, you can adjust them to meet your size requirements.

Single charge brings you around 13-15 hours of non-stop performance. After that, you can switch to wired mode, if you need.  Of course, these have a bi-fold design to allow for compact traveling and portability. So, you needn’t worry about space either.

Finally, these are multi-purpose and would fit any requirement, whatsoever. These are the perfect companions with high value for the price they offer from the office to the gym.


  • Very easy to sync to your phone
  • Very lightweight, comfortable
  • Bass is deep and powerful


  • A charge is pretty long ~12-15 hours
  • Ears might start to get tired after a while

8. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Ending the list is an excellent choice from Beats that comes in around nine different appealing colors. Thus, these are something that will meet your aesthetic. If you need a pair of on-ear headphones that complement your iPhone’s premium-build, it can’t get any better than this. You have the premium quality you always loved and 40 hours of battery life in a single charge. That is quite remarkable. But of course, you get the best sound quality, almost similar to Apple air pods and another premium true wireless.

Low latency and loss-less connectivity ensure you can use it with any iOS or Android device. Therefore, these are perfect for your iPhone 13. With five minutes of charging, you get up to 3 hours of non-stop power. Finally, you have them adjustable to fit better, and cushioned ear cups make you experience something truly premium.  There are onboard controls by pressing the big b logo. It is similar to Apple Airpods with their touch control.


No headphone list is complete without mentioning a product from Sennheiser. If you are looking for quality wireless headphones with a long battery life, Sennheiser HD 450BT is the perfect choice for you. 

450BT easily connects to your iPhone 13 series via Bluetooth 5.0 and covers a good wireless range as well. To enhance the audio experience in a loud environment, there is an active noise cancellation so that you don’t hear anything except what’s been playing. 450BT is a great travel headphones, thanks to a 30-hour battery life. Now enjoy your favorite podcast, and music or watch movies without worrying about your headphones dying.

The sound quality of the Sennheiser HD 450BT is second to none. The bass is perfectly balanced with other elements, giving you an immersive sound experience. You will be literally able to hear every beat of the song, something you don’t usually get to experience. 

You can also download the Sennheiser Smart Control App to modify the sound settings, switch to podcast mode for a better experience, and to download the firmware updates. 


  • Foldable design and extraordinary comfort
  • One-click voice assistant
  • Balanced bass and treble
  • Podcast mode 


  • Unstable connection
  • Unwanted notifications regarding not connected devices

Buyers Guide To Get Best Headphones For iPhone 13 Series

The type of headphones and color would depend primarily on you. It all breaks down to the price the headphones offer and the features you can get. Of course, headphones are for listening, so sound performance would take priority. Other than that, here are some other essential aspects to look for:

1. Check Compatibility

Before even starting with the earphones or headphones, always check for their compatibility. See if they will work with the latest iPhone 13 with Bluetooth, NFC, and lightning connector. It would be better to get headphones that work with all three connectivity options or wireless ones.

2. Low Latency

It won’t be a problem for wired headphones, but still, you could check it. Low Latency is when any Bluetooth headphone can react immediately to your commands, such as instant volume control, instant play, pause, and immediate sound performance. There shouldn’t be any delay in the action.

3. Battery Life

There’s no doubt that we all want to have gadgets that won’t require us to charge all the time. It would be better to get extensive battery life.

If these have a lower battery, you need an earphone jack or lightning connection to fulfill the lack of power source. Options like wireless charging, charging cases, and such would be great for true wireless earphones. However, you won’t find them for the headphones. For them, you’d need to get a power bank, perhaps.

4. On-Ear And Over-Ear

Remember, there are two types of headphones available in the market. On-ear headphones will settle on your ear and would provide great performance. These are generally good for almost anywhere. Over-ear headphones will cup around your ears and would ensure you get suppressed sound. These are better for a surround-sound experience. Most of the time, the choice depends on personal preference.

5. Sound Drivers

Always remember. The size of the sound driver doesn’t matter as much as the quality of the sound driver. Make sure to always check sound performance by playing music or your favorite movie. Check out if there is HD sound support for an immersive experience or not. Buy something only after confirming these.

For more details, check out this video:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Q. Are Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones Worth It For iPhone 13?

Ans: It would depend on the type of noise cancellation you got. Some have active noise cancellation, while others depend on passive or noise isolation techniques. Regardless, if you don’t like the disturbance while listening to music, watching movies, or doing anything else, these are a great choice.

Students and professional workers also prefer active noise cancellation headphones to concentrate better and enhance their performance. You can check out some pros and cons here.

2Q. What Are The Connectivity Options In iPhone 13?

Ans: iPhone 13, 13 pro max, and mini all come with the latest connectivity options. You get access to up to 5G networks. The phone requires a data plan to operate optimally. There is NFC, Bluetooth, and Wifi. All of these are top-notch and best in class. There is also a Type-C to lightning cable. However, there isn’t any earphone jack.

3Q. How To Connect Headphones With Jack To An iPhone 13?

Ans: There are USB-C headphone adapters available in the market. These will enable you to connect your headphones with a jack to the latest smartphones like iPhone 13. It would slightly increase the length, as well. This is the only viable option available for non-wireless headphones for iPhone 13 series.

4Q. Which type of Headphones you should buy For the iPhone 13?

It depends on your choice. If you need iPhone 13 headphones for Gym then go with AirPods. If you need headphones for work then go with Apple Headphones.

Can headphones be used with iPhone 13?

Yes, you can use headphones with iPhone 13. You can control music and video playback from headphones, and you can use Siri.

What earbuds can I use with iPhone 13?

You can use any Apple earphones that are compatible with iPhone 13.

How do I connect my earphones to my iPhone 13?

You can use any Apple earphones that are compatible with iPhone 13.


Now you have an excellent choice of headphones for iPhone 13 and their variation. From Sony to the latest version of Beats, you have them all here. So, go ahead and choose the ones you find right for your handheld device.

These are best headphones for iPhone 13 for the price, full of different features, and all of them maintain the best sound performance.  We hope that you found the guide and list useful to make a personalized choice.

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