4 Best HomeKit Apps for Apple Device in 2022

If you want to set up and manage homekit devices, Apple has its own app called Home app. You don’t need to download and use any other app for controlling your HomeKit accessories. But there are many apps that come with advanced features that you don’t find in your Apple Home app.

Best HomeKit Apps for Apple Devices

Here is a list of the 4 best homekit apps that you can use in 2022.

1. Apple Home App – Apple Built-In Homekit App

Apple Home App

As we mentioned, Apple developed its homekit app called Home that allows users to control all homekit devices easily. The app is very easy to use and you can easily customize the app homepage with the most used accessories and scenes.

With the Home app, you can control your HomeKit devices from any Apple device. You can perform tasks like turn off the lights, check who’s at the door, adjust the thermostat, play music, and more. And now with HomeKit Secure Video and HomeKit equipped routers, it’s even safer.

2. The best 3rd party homekit App – HomeDash App

HomeDash App

The Home Dash HomeKit App is an essential part of the Apple ecosystem. It allows you to control your Apple devices from your iPhone or iPad. The Home app opens with an empty dashboard. The app is divided into sections and rooms. In order to add an accessory, tap the ‘Add Accessory’ button. You can then add the devices to your Home dashboard. The Home Dashboard allows you to control various HomeKit devices from your iPhone or iPad.

HomeDash is focused on presenting information in a simple way. You can create as many dashboards as you want and call them from a drop-down menu. The app presents your gadgets in three columns on a 12″ model. The home screen is easy to read and navigate. The app also includes an audio guide and video. It works with most HomeKit-enabled devices, including speakers, lights, and appliances.

The HomeDash app lets you control multiple devices at once, as well as individual rooms. You can use the app to view live cameras, change the lighting, or control other smart devices. You can even set up scenes for specific devices, like a camera. The HomeDash app works with Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad, and offers a wide range of control features. Whether you are using your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, HomeDash has all of your needs covered.

If you have an Apple Watch, HomeDash is another app you should check out. It’s the only HomeKit app that lets you control all your Apple devices from your iPhone. Using it is easy to control the different types of accessories, and it’s also accessible from your wrist.

3. Eve HomeKit App

Eve HomeKit App

The Eve HomeKit App is compatible with the Apple ecosystem and lets you control any HomeKit-compatible accessory. The intuitive design and complete functionality of the app make it easy to use and manage. Moreover, it also allows you to export historical data to a spreadsheet application. Despite its limited features, the new version of the Eve app is worth downloading. It makes your home automation experience even more convenient. And it can control any Apple device, from a smartwatch to a home-automation hub.

The popular Eve for HomeKit app is coming to Macs with the latest update. The new version features several minor improvements. Users can also place favorite scenes on the main Home screen. The app lets you control your connected comforts by setting timers and creating scenes. The app is compatible with all HomeKit-enabled accessories, including Apple’s Smart Plugs and Hue bulbs. Whether you’re a first-time user of HomeKit or a seasoned user of the Apple ecosystem, you’ll find this new version of the app highly convenient.

The Eve HomeKit App also works with all HomeKit-enabled accessories. The app lets you customize your home ecosystem and automate the way you live it. The app also helps you dig into the details of your rooms. You can easily customize the accessories you want and set up your preferred lighting setup and other settings.

4. Home+ 4 HomeKit App

Home+ 4 HomeKit App

The new Home+ 4 HomeKit App is designed to make controlling your smart home devices even more intuitive. The app has two tabs, one for each room, and one for devices. Each tab collapses to make it easier to view all accessories on one screen.

The Home+ 4 app features an attractive interface with a variety of icons for controlling multiple accessories at once. It also has Smart Groups, so you can control multiple accessories at once. You can group your automation into folders and then activate them with one tap. This makes it easy to switch between rooms and automate the home. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, and works with the Apple TV remote.

The app is compatible with most smart home devices and features a dark mode that conforms to settings in the Settings app. And since the iOS 12 update, you can create more advanced automation using the Home+ 4 app. The app has several other great features, including the ability to use your Apple Watch to control your Smart Home accessories. These include the most advanced automation and a customizable interface.

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