Best HomeKit Doorbell

Best HomeKit Doorbell That You Can Buy in 2022

Leaving your house unattended can be a cause of worry for many. While you cannot avoid going out for various needs, you can still see the situation outside your front door with some of the best HomeKit doorbells. What can be considered an even bigger perk is that some of them are also compatible with Apple’s HomeKit smart home framework?

The doorbells are capable enough on their own, but with the HomeKit features, they achieve more efficiency and can be controlled using only the Home app or Siri on an iOS device.

These doorbells can be closely associated with intercoms, as some brands also enable video playback from Apple’s iCloud. They can be combined with other HomeKit-compatible devices or work as stand-alone systems to provide the perfect protection to your home.

They have gained popularity owing to their convenience and infallibility. Here’s a list of the 7 best Apple HomeKit Enabled Doorbells. For your convenience, we have listed doorbells both with and without video facilities.

List of 7 best HomeKit Doorbells that you can use in 2022

Not all smart doorbells are compatible with Apple HomeKit software as it requires specific hardware requirements. For your convenience, I have divided the products into sections

  • The Doorbells with out-of-the-box HomeKit support
  • Doorbells that you can use with HomeKit through a Homebridge
  • Doorbells that are lined up for HomeKit support in the near future
  • Smart doorbells

Native HomeKit Compatible

1. Logitech Circle View Wired Doorbell 

A very popular HomeKit-compatible doorbell from Logitech, the Logitech Circle View does exactly what its name suggests: give an inclusive view of the world outside your front door. It includes a wide range of features that can be harnessed to offer the best protection to your home.

Particularly useful for people who have new unknown people delivering things at their doorstep daily, the Logitech Circle View provides a 160º view. The device functions in an effective way to provide an inclusive top-to-bottom view that makes it easier to spot packages and deliveries.

Logitech Circle View comes equipped with a LED strip that can light up to 6ft at maximum brightness. It can be easily connected with the Home app to provide video playback of up to 10 days of footage that can be stored on your iCloud. It has a certified IP65 rating that marks it safe from various weather conditions. Other features include Activity Zones and Face Recognition. Its 3:4 aspect ratio makes it a bit difficult to have side-to-side surveillance for narrow entryways, but, users with wide porches and ample area, will have no qualms with the device. It is a wise investment nevertheless and can be very essential for a household.

2. Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell – HD Video

The Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell HomeKit comes close to matching up qualities with its predecessor. Many even regard it as superior to Logitech’s product as it offers a 1:1 aspect ratio that isn’t barred by narrow or wide front porches. Along with providing a 1536 x 1536 resolution HD playback at all times, it also packs a two-way audio feature that enables users to talk with people at the door.

Owing to its aspect ratio, the 180-degree coverage is more beneficial. The machine also avoids false alarms from passing cars and vehicles and only alerts when the need arises. In spite of all these amazing features, a drawback of the device is that it does not support HomeKit Secure Video. Video clips and previous recordings can only be accessed from the Arlo Smart Hub, which means one extra application for your smartphone.

But that can be easily overlooked right? The product offers a serious upgrade from Logitech’s limited viewing, and at $50 less! All of the above factors must be considered before choosing the Arlo Essential HomeKit secure video doorbell.

3. Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell

A doorbell with integrated memory? Count this option in. The Netatmo Smart HomeKit secure video doorbell allows up to 32 GB of storage so that you can always review your footage for later use. The camera offers a wide 160-degree view that covers a wide range of angles so that you see everything happening outside your front door.

A recent Secure Video Support update is due for the device, which will make it a very functional purchase. It already supports all the basic HomeKit features and offers safe surveillance for your home. The two-way audio feature allows you to converse with anyone who might be on the other side of the line, and the device can also be paired with existing wiring and doorbell chimes.

An HZO thin film protects the doorbell from harsh weather conditions. An exclusive perk would be a preinstalled 8GB micro-SD card that can be uploaded to Dropbox or an FTP server as and when the user requires it. It is a wise choice for consumers that don’t want the hassle of an extra subscription.

Third-Party HomeKit Compatibility [ Homebridge]

4. Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) – Wireless Doorbell Camera

If you’re someone who loves the Google ecosystem, the Google Nest doorbell kit is something you would love. The doorbell integrates seamlessly with your Google Home application and sends you alerts on your smartphone without any subscription. 

Although the Nest doorbell doesn’t come with Apple HomeKit support out of the box, you can still work it out by using a Starling Home Hub device which provides a platform to connect your Nest devices to HomeKit. All you have to do is plug your Starling home hub into a power supply and install the Starling iOS app on your phone. The rest of the process is rather straightforward. 

The doorbell data is accessible from anywhere through your smartphone without any special permission or installation required. According to me, one of the best features of Google Nest is that it stores up to 1 hour of video clips in case of an internet/power outage. Normally, you have a 3-hour video history available and if you spend a bit more on Nest Aware Subscription, you can access up to 60 days of video history. 

It uses Google intelligence and can smartly differentiate between a human, animal, packages, vehicle, etc, and send you the notification on your Google Home application. The Google Home application is available to download for free on the PlayStore. 

It can be installed and connected to the existing doorbell wiring or simply wirelessly as it runs on battery power. You can speak to the visitors at the door in real-time or broadcast a pre-recorded custom message. All you need to have is a Google account and a Google Home application. Given the price point, Google Nest is easily amongst the top wireless HomeKit doorbells in 2022. 

5. Ring Video Doorbell

With improved privacy features including audio privacy and privacy zones, smart motion detection, and a steady high-quality night-vision video, the Ring Video Doorbell 2020 is a significant upgrade to the original doorbell from the company. 

Unfortunately, Ring still doesn’t provide native support to HomeKit, however, you can still make it work using HOOBS ( Homebridge Out of the Box) which works as a bridge between your Ring device and HomeKit software. Here are the steps:

  • You need to do is to find a HOOBS device that works for you.
  • Connect it to your home network and create an account.
  • Install Ring plugins.
  • Connect the Hoobs to your ring application by adding the Ring camera to HomeKit accessories.

It’s a smart doorbell system that records full HD 1080p videos and allows you to speak to your visitors from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or even computer. Just like many other modern bells, this one also connects to your smartphone and you can get alerted every time someone rings your doorbell, whether you are present at home or not. 

You can simply install it using the old wiring or simply let it run on batteries. The product comes with long-lasting rechargeable batteries that will last a few good weeks. Connecting the app to your wireless network is fairly easy. All you need to do is download the Ring Application available for Android, iOS, and Windows.

With a ring premium plan, you can record and store up to 60 days of video clips and share the videos directly from the ring application.

HomeKit Support Coming Soon

6. Eufy Security

Eufy is a Chinese manufacturer that produces some of the best wireless doorbells and CCTV cameras. And other security devices. If you already own a Homebase 1, 2, or E, the Eufy doorbell is worth considering. The company has assured its users that an assessment to enable Homekit support is underway and soon we will be able to use Eufy doorbells with Apple HomeKit software. 

The doorbell kit features a high-quality 2K resolution camera powered by Sony, meaning you are going to get top-notch video quality whenever some visitors approach the door. The recorded video has an aspect ratio of 4:3 so that you can get a full head-to-toe view of the person at your door. 

The doorbell can be installed using the existing wires for an unlimited power supply. If you don’t have the wiring done, don’t worry, the Eufy security bell runs on batteries that will last for over 6 months. 

Smart Video Doorbells [No HomeKit Support]

7. MitiFy Wireless Door Bell Chimes

This is a special alternative for users that just want a doorbell to perform the typical features with a flare. The MitiFy Wireless Door Bell Chimes does not offer any surveillance features, but it does provide 32 different ringtone options.

It is waterproof and well suited for houses built in big spaces as it offers 500ft of long-distance transmission with a strong signal. A powerful microcomputer operating system, high capacity, and superior voice processing technology are some of the other features that the doorbell boasts. It is a perfect choice for users that want a good doorbell.

8. HomeMate WiFi Smart Video Doorbell

HomeMate WiFi Smart Video Doorbell

Another great alternative would be the HomeMate® WiFi Smart Video Doorbell, a doorbell made to cater to the needs of consumers that want a rechargeable set. One full charge of the doorbell lasts for a period of three months, and users also get a reminder when the doorbell power is less than the set value.

The doorbell offers PIR motion detection and ICR Night Vision so that your house never stays unguarded. Video alerts are sent in the format of 720p videos that capture every detail when someone approaches your front door. It also allows two-way audio and a battery-lock feature for the convenience of the user.

The last one on the list is an advanced video doorbell system from Blink. The doorbell has a 1080p video recording capacity along with a 2-way communication feature, so you and the visitor can talk no matter where you are at that moment. 

The camera can record high-definition day and night videos through infrared sense technology. The doorbell is operated by motion detection and notifies you the moment it records any activity in front of the camera. You can easily connect the doorbell through existing wiring or purchase a separate Sync module to enjoy seamless 2-way communication. 

To set it up all you need is a couple of AA batteries, a wireless connection, and the Blink smartphone application and you can get going within a few minutes without any expert’s help. 

With a Blink subscription, you can save and share the recording using the Blink application. Not only that, you can easily pair it with Alexa using the Sync module and every time there is a call at the door, Alexa will be here to answer on your behalf.


Q. Is there a doorbell that works with HomeKit?

A. Yes, almost all the doorbells on our list can be paired with HomeKit to provide perfect security to your house. These doorbells double as surveillance cameras and are very useful for alerting suspicious behavior outside your front door. They can be considered a wise investment.

Q. What doorbell works best with Apple?

A. The Logitech Circle View Apple HomeKit-Enabled Wired Doorbell will be the perfect doorbell to pair with your Apple HomeKit. Offering up to 10 days of stored footage and immaculate connectivity with control, the device was manufactured keeping Apple in mind.

Q. Does Apple have a video doorbell?

A. Apple does not have a brand-specific doorbell yet, but many other companies have already produced ground-breaking alternatives that do the job of surveillance pretty well.

Q. Does Nest Hello work with HomeKit?

A. Unfortunately, Nest Hello does not directly work with HomeKit but it can be achieved through other means that require a bit of hassle.

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