5 Best HomeKit Garage Door Openers in 2022 You Can Buy

HomeKit is a smart framework that integrates products at home that are compatible with smart programs. Devices like cameras, locks, lights, and even doors can all be linked to it. The control of these devices can be possible through iPhones, iPads, and Siri’s voice commands. Interlinking of home devices proves to be a timesaver, which is why homekit garage door opener options are in such high demand today.

Since HomeKit is compatible with making doors digitally accessible, it also includes garage doors. Several garage doors work smoothly with the HomeKit, they come with their perks and benefits. This article focuses specifically on the best smart garage door opener with HomeKit compatibility that you can buy in 2022.

Why are HomeKit Garage Door Openers in Demand?

The door openers compatible with HomeKit are for the most part highly versatile and useful when it comes to functions. There is more to them than simply shutting or opening garage doors or checking on them. The settings can help you customize the opening and closing to certain times, like when you enter the garage or leave.

The coordination of the systems with Siri makes them much more accessible. It comes with active notifications that keep you updated around the clock regarding the status of your garage doors. This makes the system far more foolproof as well as secure, in case of intruders attempting to break into the houses. These systems are highly user-friendly, making them an excellent home solution.

Moreover, most of these systems can be installed without any hassle, some even getting done within a matter of minutes! Therefore the easy handling makes them ready to work with quicker, equipping your garage with the several features possessed by a smart garage. Hence, google home garage door opener options and the ones with HomeKit compatibility are in high demand today.

5 Best Garage Door Openers with HomeKit to buy in 2022

1. Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub

The Chamberlain’s Smart Garage Hub is easily considered one of the best smart garage door openers in 2022. It is hassle-free both to install and use; giving you smart control over your already existing garage door. The prominent characteristic of this system is its wireless nature, which cuts the additional hassle of lengthy wires.

Once installed, the garage door is enabled with the function of pinging Siri and your iOS regarding certain events. Additionally, this Smart Garage Hub is compatible not only with HomeKit but with several other openers; it may most certainly be also a Google home garage door opener. Lastly, the system of Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub is also the best garage door opener with wifi, increasing its functionality.

2. Insignia Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller

Insignia has brought forward this automated garage door opener as a much more affordable option compared to other ones. This way, it is also the best garage door opener with Wi-Fi-based functioning. The installation package is inclusive of all the material required.

What is impressive here is that the system will not require you to install an additional application or software to function, unlike several other systems; and will automatically connect with your HomeKit to enable access through iOS and Siri. You will find this system easy to install and can start working with it right away.

3. Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

Meross is an inexpensive, affordable garage door opener. It is a very versatile option to go for when it comes to the doors and smart assistants it is compatible with, which are several. The system does not require any additional hub like most garage openings or generally device linking systems. Hence, for a reasonable buy, Meross is highly recommended given it proves both economical and functional for the users.

along with HomeKit compatibility, the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener also works perfectly well with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings. It is controlled through a remote. However, the installation process might be a little time-consuming for this option – but it works amazingly well once installed properly.

4. MyQ HomeBridge

MyQ HomeBridge pairs up with Apple HomeKit to add iOS and Siri control to already present garage door openers. This device is solely for those who wish to enable HomeKit or those with MyQ setups. MyQ provides users with the option to check for compatibility of their garage doors so they can find out what works best for them. If you want to control the garage door remotely, then the MyQ HomeBridge garage door opener is the best option to go for.

The spectrum of MyQ usage is not limited to just garage doors, but various smart devices across the house. The system enables you to set specific lighting for when you open or shut the garage doors. Users only require a MyQ username and password to start using this garage door opener, which acts as a cherry on top over its features such as obstruction and automatic detection.

5. iSmartgate

Another extremely reasonable option, iSmartgate is a go-to option to safeguard your garage doors. Its compatibility ranges from Apple HomeKit to Alexa, and from IFTTT to SmartThings, making it a reliable tool when it comes to being an automated garage door opener. A distinctive feature of this system is its voice command, one that lets you shut or open doors with simple voice instruction.

Other impressive functions that come with iSmartgate are camera integration, intensive control, and alerts, followed by automatic opening and closing. User management becomes easier with the various functions enabled with this advanced system. This opener is highly secure and lets you control the garage door remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Genie garage door openers compatible with HomeKit?

A. Yes, Genie Garage Door openers are compatible with HomeKit.

2. Is MyQ garage door opener compatible with HomeKit?

A. Yes, the MyQ garage door opener is compatible with HomeKit.

3. Does LiftMaster work with HomeKit?

A. Yes, LiftMaster works with HomeKit.

4. Can Siri open my garage door?

A. Yes, Siri can open your front door if you have HomeKit and its supported garage door openers installed in your iOS.

5. Can I program my iPhone to open my garage door?

A. iPhones installed with HomeKit can be used to open garage doors since it interlinks smart devices at home.


Thanks to the rapid development of technology, almost every aspect of our life consist of smart appliances. Now the technology has extended to garage doors too, and the HomeKit compatibility of such doors ensures the best levels of convenience and security.

However, there is an overwhelming amount of competition in the field of garage door openers with HoneKit compatibility and it is understandable to land in confusion as to which one to go for. This article has the top 5 options that you should ideally consider going for when looking for a smart garage door opener and everything you need to know about them before you buy the best homekit garage door opener for your place.

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