Best HomeKit Smart Blinds 2022 That You Can Buy Now

Using HomeKit smart blinds, you can ensure privacy on-demand with automation. You can also open or close these smart blinds right at sunrise or sunset. You can also manage your smart blinds with the Homekit app or Siri. These best HomeKit blinds will make your home more decorative and cool.

The best HomeKit Smart Blinds work with your Apple device via Wi-Fi. While some blinds can be controlled with voice control, others require a dedicated smart home hub. These hubs can be used to connect to a smart home hub.

These are the best Apple-compatible smart blinds. They offer many benefits, including voice control and easy installation.

List of 5 Best HomeKit Smart Blinds

Here we are sharing the 5 best homekit compatible smart blinds for smart homes.

1. IKEA FYRTUR Blackout Roller Blind

IKEA FYRTUR Blackout Roller Blind

The IKEA FYRTUR Blackout Roller blind is a wireless, blackout roller blind that can be adapted to your lighting and privacy needs. It has a smart controller and can be programmed to open or close at any time. The FYRTUR is part of IKEA’s smart home portfolio, which can be controlled using the IKEA app or a gateway. If you want to program your FYRTUR, you can learn more about its features in this guide.

The FYRTUR Blackout Roller Blind is easy to install and operates with an optional remote. The remote has a button battery and can be attached to the wall or mobile. It’s easy to remove the remote if you need to move it. Another great feature is the IKEA Home smart app. This application can be used to control the blind remotely from your phone. The IKEA FYRTUR Blackout Roller Window Blind is compatible with the TRADFRI Gateway.

2. Serena Smart Shades by Lutron

Serena Smart Shades by Lutron

The Serena Smart Shades by Lutron is a wireless smart shade that can be controlled by your phone. You can control your shades from your iPhone or Apple Watch, or use the Lutron App. Caseta Wireless is another smart lighting system that works with Serena shades. The Lutron App makes it easy to control your lights. If you want to add smart lighting to your home, you can purchase Caseta kits and dimmers.

The Lutron Serena shades work with an app to control their functions. Its design is very clever. The shade will automatically close and open when you walk into the room. It uses batteries inside the body of the shade. This means you won’t need to worry about replacing the batteries as they last two to four years. The batteries are easy to replace and you don’t need to remove the shade from the window to access them. The motors are smooth and quiet. They will also respond to voice commands.

3. SOMA Smart Shades 2

SOMA Smart Shades 2

The SOMA Smart Shades 2 are compatible with Apple HomeKit, allowing them to be controlled from your iPhone or iPad. The device is controlled via the Soma app, which is also available on Android and Windows. It has an advanced menu, which allows you to change the shade’s position, group it with other devices, and check the unit’s power source. In addition, it has troubleshooting options, such as restarting it, reconfiguring it, checking for updates, and contacting customer service. The advanced menu allows you to program timers, sunrise, and sunset events.

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The Soma Connect app is free and supports Soma devices. The Soma Connect software is available for Windows and Mac computers.

4. SOMA Tilt


SOMA Tilt automates existing blinds and can be controlled via the SOMA Connect app. The device has no wires and no additional help is needed. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It also works with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. To use the SOMA Tilt, you need to install the SOMA Connect app and download the SOMA Tilt HomeKit smart blind application.

The SOMA Tilt HomeKit Smart blind works with the Apple HomeKit platform and is available for free in the US and EU. The app supports both iOS and Android devices. It also features customizable daily or weekly triggers and a touchpad on the bottom.

5. Hunter Douglas PowerView

Hunter Douglas PowerView

The Hunter Douglas PowerView Smart Blind combines the convenience of a motorized window shade with the convenience of a smartphone app. The Hunter Douglas shades can control their opening and close with the push of a button, so you can close or open them whenever you wish. You can also operate the shades using your iPhone or Apple Watch with the help of a mobile app. Those who want a more sophisticated feature can also link the remote to third-party smart home integrations such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple homekit or Siri. The remote can control all the shades in the same room by speaking the commands.

Advantages of using Smart Blinds!

Why do we need Smart blinds? This question can arise in one’s mind while reading about it. There are various benefits of using Smart Blinds in our homes. From getting natural sunshine in our room without putting effort into saving energy, there are various benefits of using Smart Blinds
A few of the benefits of using Smart blinds are listed below:

1. Overall control over your windows

Smart blinds will provide you with full control over your Window blinds. You can control your smart blinds via voice or using an app. You can even preset schedules amounts like an alarm clock to over 24 hours of conserved time opening and shutting window blinds each year.

You can control it from any part of your house and it will help you to, save your time and efforts.

2. Privacy

You will get privacy and security which is a great concern for windows as many people forget to close the windows many times, but you can close your blinds whenever you want. You can shut it at night without putting in a lot of effort. You can just control it by saying a few words or just tapping on your mobile’s screen. It is easily accessible and usable for the customers.

3. Energy saver

The blinds will automatically close during the hottest part of the day to reduce heating, ventilation, and air conditioning usage. It will open on its own during a bright and sunny day in the winter season and will heat the house naturally by the sunlight. Around 30% of the house heating energy is lost through the windows, according to it, the blinds are designed especially for energy saving. It automatically closes when needed.

This has been estimated to save up to 30% of a home’s heating and cooling costs, which gives positive reviews about the t blinds.

4. Get the natural Sunlight

In the morning, many people woke without natural sunlight because they had to close the blinds before going to sleep, due to which they feel dizzy in the morning. Using Smart blinds one can set schedules in their blinds and can wake up with the natural sunlight. We can set the timer and customize the Smart blinds according to our wish. This makes Smart blinds more attractive and advantageous.


Q. Can HomeKit control blinds?

A. Yes. Homekit software developed by Apple can control smart home appliances like blinds, etc. using Apple devices.

Q. Do Ikea blinds work with HomeKit?

A. After connecting Ikea Blinds with the TRADFRI gateway, you can easily connect your IKEA smart with HomeKit and work with it.

Q. How do you automate blinds HomeKit?

A. The Soma Tilt allows you to automate and motorize your prevailing blinds by allowing you to regulate the ‘tilt’ mechanism either through Bluetooth or through HomeKit employing the Soma connect.

Q. Can Siri open blinds?

A. Yes. Siri can open Blinds using your voice control. Siri is the name of Apple’s private digital assistant. Just like the google assistant, it’s voice control that talks back to you to take your orders.
‘Hey Siri, Open the blinds’- this line can simply open your blinds.

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