Best MagSafe Wallets for iPhone 13

8 Best MagSafe Wallets for iPhone 13 That You Can Buy Now

The new iPhone 13 is the best of the best from Apple, and it’s here to stay! And so are the compatible accessories with MagSafe! Now, you can also keep your card and cash safe with the iPhone leather wallets with MagSafe. The apple magsafe wallets are durable and can hold many small essentials such as your credit card, and other small things that are easy to fit into a cardholder.

What’s even unexpected is that these attach magnetically to the back of your iPhone 13 model without even a proper MagSafe case. No more forgetting your cards at home, now you carry them easily wherever you go! Don’t have a proper wallet case? No worries, these best MagSafe wallets can possibly be your best bet!’

What to look for while getting an iPhone Leather wallet?

Material Quality: If you’re going to spend some cash on an iPhone Leather wallet, you would obviously want to ensure that the material is durable leather that isn’t affected by normal wear and tears. Moreover, your iPhone should have a thousand bucks look which is provided by these wallets.

Durability: The wallet must be strong enough to hold your things up properly. It must have a strong magnet to attach easily to the back of your iPhone or MagSafe and ensure that all your essentials are not at risk.

Space: Most of these wallets are made in such a way that they contain enough space to hold at least 2 cards and even more. You must have the luxury of not carrying a personal separate wallet everywhere you go. Moreover, you must not run the risk of not finding your credit card whenever you require it, nor should you have to worry about forgetting it at home.

Alternative to Wallet Cases: Let’s face it, wallet cases create more problems than they solve. They provide a clustered look which is not at all appealing and does not make carrying essential cards any easier as you always run the risk of forgetting your wallet case at home. Therefore, iPhone leather wallets are the best new alternatives.

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List of 10 Best MagSafe Wallet for iPhone 13 in 2022

Below are the different MagSafe wallets and other alternatives that are bound to keep your credit card and other essential cards safe along with your phone.

We reviewed 30+ MagSafe wallets for iPhone 13 and here is our list.

1. Apple iPhone leather wallet with MagSafe


  • Compatible with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series smartphones
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Made of European pure leather
  • Can hold up to 3 cards and cash
  • Supports Find My, so you can get notified if the wallet gets separated from the phone.

If you are really after that durable quality with an expensive finish, then purchasing an original Apple product is the way to go. The wallet is crafted with the finest European leather for a finish that will be envied by many. With MagSafe keep your belongings safe, carrying your regular sized wallet everywhere is not a hassle anymore.


  • Genuine leather that is durable.
  • Exciting color options for you to express your individuality.
  • Stackable on MagSafe cases


  • Can be a bit expensive

2. Valentinus magnetic wallet

Vibeside MagSafe wallet


  • Easily access your cards
  • Mindfully sourced
  • Vegan leather
  • Storage compartment
  • Slim form
  • Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max / iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Mini
  • Magnet feature

This can probably be called the strongest MagSafe wallet. It comes with a lifetime no-questions-asked warranty and can also hold up to 4 cards! Durability with functionality is definitely something to love. It contains double pockets that widen enough to keep safe your credit, ID, and even some spare cash. The strong steel plate at one end protects your essentials and the premium vegan leather is a great option that assures durability.

The magnetic grip is reliable and you also get to choose from 5 color options. The leather is water-resistant and soft, with a handy grip. Your credit cards will never have a better place to live in. The wallet retails at $23.95 on Amazon under Amazon MagSafe wallet.


  • Double pockets that make space for 4 cards
  • Vegan leather
  • Lifetime warranty


  • 4 cards can make the structure a little heavy

3. Sinjimoru Basic Magnetic Wallet for Apple


  • Magnetic connector
  • Made of High-grade nylon
  • 6 exciting color options
  • Holds up to 5 cards
  • 90 days warranty

Sinjimoru is a Koren smart device manufacturing company that was started in 2008. They are known for creating minimalistic and elegant smartphone devices and the Sinjimoru magnetic wallet follows the trend.

It’s a detachable wallet for your iPhone 13 that can easily be removed for wireless charging or other iPhone cases. The pouch is made of heavy-duty nylon that can also be used as a separate card holder. 

The wallet is quite stretchable and can hold up to 5 cards easily. The magnet is powerful with 1600 Gauss force which hold the wallet in place no matter how many times you stick your cards in. 


  • Powerful Magnet keeps the wallet strongly attached to the phone.
  • 6 color options
  • Easy to stick your cards in
  • Can be used as a separate card holder


  • Material may stretch out after some time and is unable to hold the cards
  • The wallet may come off while taking it out of the pocket

4. MOFT magnetic wallet & stand

MOFT magnetic wallet & stand


  • Slim Design
  • 5mm/0.2in thinness,
  • Portrait, Landscape, and other Floating modes
  • Effortless magnetic detachment
  • Compatible with iPhone 12/iPhone 13 series

What’s better than a wallet that holds your essentials? One that also comes with a stand. The MOFT magnetic wallet & stand is easily available on MagSafe wallet Amazon. It is compatible with MagSafe cases and can also be called as best MagSafe wallet alternative. The company provides a durable stand that can be used to keep your phone in landscape mode, play games, browse video calls etc. everything hands-free.

It can easily hold 3 cards and has a sleek and stylish look. It is available for purchase on Amazon in four classic colors: brown, blue, black, and grey. It retails for $12.95 on Amazon.


  • Slim
  • Can hold 3 cards
  • Stylish and handy


  • Might be a little hard to use

5. ESR HaloLock Vegan Leather Wallet Stand


  • 20% stronger than usual magnetic wallets
  • 3 separate card holders with display
  • Can be adjusted to stand the phone in portrait/landscape mode

ESR halolock wallet is made of 100 vegan material if that’s something you care about. The 2-fold wallet sticks powerfully to the back of your phone and can be used as a stand-in portrait or landscape mode to watch videos, movies, etc. 

There are 3 separate pockets for cards and money including the display feature so you can always know which card to take out. 

The product is made of excellent material including metal linings that prevent the magnet from demagnetization. The vegan leather looks elegant and gives an overall classy look to your phone. 


  • Can be used as a stand to enjoy content on your phone in portrait/landscape mode.
  • 3 separate display pouches allow you to distinguish between your cards
  • Vegan Leather
  • Powerful Magnet


  • Slightly heavy, may come off at times
  • Vegan leather is not the same as real leather

6. Spigen Valentinus magnetic wallet cardholder

Spigen Valentinus magnetic wallet cardholder


  • Easily access your cards
  • Additional access port
  • Mindfully sourced
  • Vegan leather
  • Slim form

If you’re willing to spend some money on a product that is going to last you a while, then this must be the product for you. The Spigen Valentinus magnetic wallet cardholder is the one that provides value and efficiency at affordable prices. Your cards stay safe, the leather promises durability, and you get a dependable product.

The leather is vegan and sourced keeping sustainability in mind. It is easily stackable on the MagSafe cases and highly opaque so that there is no chance of your card information leaking. This can be considered as one of the best MagSafe wallets for iPhone 13. The design is thin and it feels like a second skin on your phone. Quite an impressive design for people who are after that minimalist look. The product retails at $22.99 on Amazon.


  • Affordable
  • Ethically sourced vegan leather
  • MagSafe compatible


  • Can hold only up to 2 cards at a time

7. Spigen Smart Fold Multifunctional MagSafe wallet

Vibeside MagSafe wallet


  • Capable of keeping up to 2 cards
  • Tri-fold design
  • Easily access your cards
  • Slim form

The Spigen Smart Fold is appropriate for people that want something more with their MagSafe compatible wallet. As its name suggests, The Spigen Smart Fold is foldable- it has a tri-fold design that is meant to keep your cards safe. It is very subtle, keeping your cards out of the common eye so that people may not even have a clue about the cards contained in your wallet.

It is very lightweight and facilitates easy access. Your phone is not even burdened with the extra weight as the design is seamless. It is easily attachable to a MagSafe case and the tri-fold design can be manoeuvred to provide a hands-free experience while using your phone. The product retails at $39.99 on Amazon.


  • Unparalleled safety
  • Sleek design
  • Durable build and multi-functional


  • Can only hold 2 cards
  • A little on the pricier side
  • Not Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max

8. Casetify Customizable MagSafe wallet

CASETiFY Leather Case Compatible with Magsafe for iPhone 13 Pro


  • Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Only
  • Fibre Lining
  • 360-degree protection
  • Compatible with Magsafe
  • Compatible with Wireless Chargers
  • 90% recycled materials
  • 100% recyclable packaging

As the name already suggests, the quality that makes the Casetify: Customizable MagSafe wallet the most unique on our list is its customizable nature. The company lets you pick whatever you want on your individual MagSafe compatible wallet. All of these customizations can be done on the product webpage and do not take up much of your time as well.

Casetify is a leading name in the mobile case business, they are known to deliver quality products that always satisfy their users. The Casetify Customizable MagSafe wallet is also eco friendly and sustainable. It can be called a best buy MagSafe wallet. It is made up of 50% recycled material. And what can be considered as the cherry on top is the company also offers free worldwide shipping. The product retails at $40 on the Casetify Official Website.


  • Can be personalized
  • Compatible with Magsafe
  • 360-degree all around impact protection


  • Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Only
  • Comparatively expensive

Final Word

That’s all for now. We’ve handpicked only the best MagSafe wallets for your essentials. Be it design, affordability or functionality, you’ll find one that fits into every one of your categories. These apple magsafe wallets are durable, most of them are also ethically sourced and sustainable in nature. They all do justice to your iPhone 13 and some double as kickstands as well! It is not hard to find something you like on this list.

In case you do not feel the need for a MagSafe case, many of these also attach directly to your phone so you should face zero problems while handling. We hope you find the perfect one for yourself!

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