7 Best Outdoor Smart Bulbs You Can Buy In 2022

In the age of booming innovations in technology, everything is becoming accessible as well as easy to operate. This is also true for home devices. With the advent of technology that can quite literally put each household device at our disposal with the touch of a button on our smartphones and similar apps, no device is left that cannot be automated. In this case, bulbs and lighting are no exception, which is why everyone needs the best outdoor smart bulb. 

Ever since lighting has been automated there have been several options to choose from, many proving to be a reasonable buy. In this article, we have brought forward the 7 best outdoor smart bulbs you can buy in 2022.  

1. Cree Lighting Connected Max PAR38 

This Cree bulb is prominent for being extremely bright and one of the best smart outdoor bulbs, which is unusual in its price range. Such brightness is often found in bulbs that are twice as expensive as it is. It comes with some impressive features. This remotely controlled bulb has an inbuilt option that lets you change the light colors. The bulb is a total of 14 watts.  

The brand has said that its bulb has a 23-year long life, given the daily usage is up to 3 hours per day. The distinctive feature of this bulb is its Vacation mode which can help you customize the on and off settings based on whether you are at home or not.  

The Cree bulb is highly recommended because of its features which are usually found only in its expensive counterparts. Moreover, such a long life at a reasonable price makes it an even better buy. 

2. Ring Smart Lighting System 

The Ring Smart Lighting System is an automated light bulb network that works on motion-based commands; they are prominently considered a security lighting system. This system can easily be installed inside or outside of the house premises.  

All of the components in it are highly reasonably priced as compared to other lighting systems. This smart system is compatible with Alexa voice commands, and other similar software. Other ring devices work very well with this system. It comprises individually motion-based lights that together form a network.  

Once installed, all lights can be made to turn on or off once even one of them detects motion. It is one of the most recommended outdoor smart light bulbs. 

The TP-Link Smart Bulb is one of the most aesthetically appealing products on the list. The bulb adds a vintage spark to the interior and exterior settings of the house; the look of a clear incandescent bulb from previous years that this bulb possesses helps it stand out amongst the others. It also supports voice commands.  

Additionally, it can tell you how much energy it is consuming daily. The product is available for a highly affordable price in the market. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant when it comes to voice commands. Much like the other options, this one also is extremely easy to install into the house. Up to 7 watts of power is used by the bulb. 

4. Philips Dimmable A19 Smart Wi-Fi WiZ Light Bulb


In case Philips Hue does not prove to be economical for some buyers, the Philips Dimmable A19 Smart Light Bulb is the best alternative. This bulb can easily be connected to and controlled from your phone. It has much scope for a variety of customizations and third-party connectivity.  

Its compatibility lies with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT. It comes with exciting features such as those setting scenes and can also work according to a customized schedule. It can be accessed through the WiZ app. The bulb is considered a good addition to houses that are being made smart through automated devices. Essentially, the bulb can work on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Philips claims that the product has a long battery life as well.  

5. Wyze Bulb White 

A successor to several predecessors, Wyze White Bulb is an easy-to-install and use option. The bulb comes with a long life expectancy, claiming a running time of 25,000 hours, working on brightness up to 800 lumens.  

The dimming range of this product is amazingly high. Its connectivity is upon Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; and is highly compatible with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. It can impressively be a motion-sensing night light that is supported by mood settings as desired by the user and is a great wifi light bulb outdoor illuminator. 

Although the previous original versions only fit indoor use, this one has been made fit for illuminating not just indoor settings but also the outside; however, it cannot be used in fully enclosed light fixtures.  

6. Philips Hue Bluetooth White and Colour Ambiance Bulb 

The Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance is a smart outdoor bulb that is simply appealing to look at. It comes with impressive color change settings along with dimming options that can be altered according to the user’s moods and desires. This bulb does require a hub.  

It is compatible with Amazon Echo Plus and other similar systems; it can also be controlled through the Hue app. This bulb is capable of setting timers as per needed. Installation is a hassle-free process for this light. The weatherproof built and high-quality material makes this product a recommended buy. It comes with a warranty of up to 2 years as well.  

7. Wyze Bulb Colour 

Whenever searching for smart bulbs for outdoor use, Wyze is easily the most affordable color bulb on the market at the moment. The extensive dimmer option lets you switch between 30-1100 lumen easily. The most wonderful feature of this bulb is its ability to change into 16 million colors! You can adjust to these colors by installing the Wyze app on your Smartphone, which it easily connects to once it is a very easy process.  

Not just that, it is highly energy efficient out of several products, being only 12 watts at power rating. It is a good option for a Wi-Fi outdoor light bulb. It works with the Wyze app or other Wyze devices as well.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can smart light bulbs be used outdoors? 

A. Yes, they can be used outside. 

2. What light bulb is best for the outside? 

A. The Philips Hue White and Colour Smart Bulb is considered a good option for outside lighting. 

3. What Colour bulb is best for the outside? 

A. Wyze Bulb Colour is a good option for outside. 

4. Do I need special light bulbs for the outside? 

A. As long as the bulb can withstand the weather, it can be used outside. 

5. What is the best-LED wattage for outdoor lighting? 

A.40 watts or lower is considered optimal for outdoor lighting. 


These are the best smart outdoor bulbs that you can buy in 2022, you may opt for any of the above and they will prove to be a good buy for anything from home lighting inside to smart flood light bulbs outdoors. The criterion for choosing smart lighting is quite simple and understandable.  

Firstly, the overall compatibility acts as a major factor in having customers buy a certain product of lighting. They must be compatible with assistants or apps and have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.  Hopefully, this article will help you choose the best outdoor smart bulb. 

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