7 Best Smart Locks for Airbnb In 2022

Smart locks are a small yet essential step towards bettering our lives through technology. They are smooth to use, hassle-free in nature, and make the overall level of security as tight as possible for any property. Hence, it only makes sense to get one to enhance the convenience. 

However, buying the best smart locks for Airbnb is easier said than done. Since they are growing in demand today, there is an overwhelming amount of variety in the market – and it seems impossible to make a choice. In this article, we will be covering the 7 best smart locks for Airbnb to purchase in 2022.

1. Schlage Connect

When talking about the best door locks for Airbnb, it is impossible to overlook the products by Schlage. If you look for simplicity and durability in your devices, then the Schlage Connect will not disappoint you. The backlit touchscreen keypad of this smart look helps users to use it easily even at night. 

By buying a hub for this smart lock, users can access its various features without being there with the lock physically. If you live in an unsafe area, going for the Schlage Connect is a great choice because it comes with a feature of anti-pick technology.

2. Yale YRD256

The Yale YRD256 is one of the Airbnb smart locks that come with an August Connect sensor. This allows users to access, lock, unlock, and check the status of their security systems at their doors through the application of August (on any Android or Apple device) itself. The Yale YRD256 keyless smart lock takes up the security level up a notch too.

 One of the best things about smart locks is that you need to put minimal effort not just into managing security, but they also help get rid of various inconveniences of life. For instance, once the smart lock by Yale YRD256 is connected to the application successfully it will be able to sense your phone as soon as you are within the detectable area and unlock the doors immediately for you.

3. August Smart Lock 3rd Gen

If modernity and trendy smart locks Airbnb are your things, then the August Smart Lock 3rd Gen won’t disappoint you. The device comes with Bluetooth connectivity, but no wifi connection feature. This means that to avail of the features of this device, one needs to be within the detectable range of the smart lock. 

The Doorsense feature of the August Smart Lock 3rd Gen allows the device to conclude accurately whether the door is closed or not. Since there is an application that can be connected with the smart lock, users can easily share and delete access codes within seconds. The process of installation is quite easy and this smart lock is quite affordable as compared to the alternatives in the market.

4. Kwikset Kevo 99250

Do not let the modest design of Kwikset Kevo 99250 fool you into thinking that it is your everyday traditional lock. This smart lock is well compatible with the Alexa commands too, hence you can have access to various features through voice control. 

This smart lock by Kevo does not make use of wifi connectivity to connect devices, but instead, Bluetooth networks can help you avail many features. While this may be inconvenient for some, it also implies that the smart lock would work well in the absence of an internet connection. The lock comes with AA long-lasting batteries included in the package and can be connected to an app to access and avail the codes.

5. Delaney Hardware 301779 (Z-Wave)

If you want to use smart door locks for Airbnb for its various features but do not want to miss out on the nostalgic feel of the traditional ones, then purchasing the Delaney Hardware 301779 (Z-Wave) is the best decision you will make this year. It comes with a touchpad and a keyhole, which depicts the upgrade in technology yet the connection to roots. 

Security is extremely tight with this Delaney smart lock because as soon as someone enters the wrong passcode for the fifth time, the device will lock and be non-accessible to the user. Features like cameras, smoke sensors, auto locking, and so on make this smart lock stand out in the market and ideal for Airbnb in 2022.

6. NetBolt Smartlock

If you are browsing for smart locks for Airbnb, then the NetBold Smartlock will be a satisfactory purchase for you. It allows users to enter the property using temporary codes, which makes it ideal for people hosting tenants or mechanics in their Airbnb property. 

The TTLock app on Play Store and Apple Store can help people access the various features of this NetBolt smart lock through their mobile phones themselves. It is a hybrid of traditional and modernity too, which is why the traditional keypad is present on this device too. It is an ideal option to go for if you have a property to keep an eye on Airbnb and do not wish to give your permanent access code to anyone.

7. 2nd gen NetBolt Smartlock

While the NetBolt Smartlock may be a good option for certain people, some might require an upgraded version of it for the ultimate satisfaction. Understanding this, NetBolt has also come up with a 2nd gen smart lock to cater to such needs and requirements. 

The touchscreen keypad, temporary access codes, and various other essential features of any smart lock can be found in this one too. Apart from that, customers get to choose from two designs – the traditional deadbolt one or the lever or latch one – for an enhanced design of the property. This allows people to not compromise on the look of their house or office because the lock looks out of place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best lock for an Airbnb?

Ans. even though there are many options in the market to choose from, the smart locks by Yale and NetBold are best for Airbnb.

2. What is a smart lock for Airbnb?

Ans. A smart lock for Airbnb allows owners to have access to the doors getting locked and unlocked without being present at the site physically to enhance security.

3. Does Yale assure lock work with Airbnb?

Ans. yes, Yale assures lock work with Airbnb.

4. How do I add a smart lock to my Airbnb listing?

Ans. you can easily add a smart lock to an Airbnb listing by connecting the applications of the smart lock and Airbnb. After that, you can pair the two and the smart lock will be listed.


Smart locks have revolutionized the way we see security systems today. Now, we do not require well-built security guards to guard our property sites and check who enters and who exits. Smart locks help owners keep a tab on the activity of people entering the house, thus minimizing convenience costs and tightening the security systems. 

However, it is impossible to ignore the fact that there is an overwhelming amount of competition in the smart lock industry too. It might seem difficult to many people to choose one lock amongst the lot. This is why one should always keep several factors in mind while choosing the ideal smart lock, such as why you need it and what specific purpose the lock needs to serve. Hopefully, this article will help you choose amongst the best smart locks for Airbnb in 2022 and stay as safe as possible.

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