Best Video Doorbell without Subscription In 2022

When it comes to the security of your house then one can’t ignore the importance of a doorbell. With time the technology behind the doorbell has been evolving and people are getting to associate their house with the subscription of these doorbell companies. But what if you don’t want to take up a subscription and still are looking for something similar to add a layer of security around your house?

Don’t worry, we came up with the list of best video doorbell without subscription which will not only save some money but will provide security similar to the paid ones.

1. Eufy Video Doorbell Dual

You know a product might be your next best purchase when it is rated as an ‘amazon choice’. The review for the Eufy Video Doorbell Dual is high and almost similar to the ring doorbell and all the reviews can be considered satisfactory if it comes to the authenticity of the review.

Apart from the reviews, the product is what it claims to be, one of the best. It is an affordable product with a starting price of $219.98. It may seem expensive but then again, the main feature of this doorbell stands with the storage of all the data recording. Now compared to other doorbells the Eufy Video Doorbell Dual Homebase stores all the data so even if someone tries or gets rid of your doorbell deliberately then you can rest assured about the data recording.

The setup of this bell is no brainer. All you need to do is fix the mount on the wall then put the doorbell on the mount. That is all you need to do to set it up, surprisingly the setup process would not take more than a minute of your time.

The video quality supported in this is 2k full HDR, and the field of view is 106 degrees. The Eufy Video Doorbell Dual comes with a top-quality infrared night vision mode. The feature of responding to your guest in real-time is an additional feature with comes with two-way audio talk.

The user can download the Eufy app to access the doorbell. The updates on this application are regular and the interface is smooth. The battery life of the Eufy Video Doorbell Dual comes out to be 6 months. On the other hand, the Eufy Video Doorbell Dual can be connected to a power source all the time.

2. Eufy Video Doorbell 1080p

The product is one of the inferior versions of the earlier product which does not come with Homebase. Instead, the Eufy Video Doorbell 1080p (Battery powered) comes with a chime. The data is stored on the SD card. The pricing of the device is only $99.99. so, it falls in the average price category product. The installation is simple and the same as Eufy Video Doorbell Dual. The video quality of the device is 1080p. The video quality of the doorbell also depends upon the

The night vision of the product is satisfactory and is considered standard. The product comes with a two-way audio talk and a real-time response. The battery life of the product is of 120-days. The battery life can also depend upon the usage of the doorbell. The doorbell can be controlled by the Eufy application. The application has a smooth interface and makes control easy.  

The chime will just need an SD card, but on the other hand, the chime is responsible for making the connection better between WIFI and the doorbell better. Thus, the range for connectiveness range is wide. Also, the application is the only way the doorbell can be controlled.

3. Nooie Cam Video Doorbell

The product is from an upcoming start-up that is indulged in making good quality smart home products. The Nooie Cam Video Doorbell is the latest addition to their smart home product. The Nooie Cam Video Doorbell is a wireless device that comes with a massive 10,000 mAh. The battery is removable and can be charged with a USB-C cable. The price of the product would come to around $149.99.

The price is not that high and if the price is compared to Eufy Video Doorbell Dual. The installation for the same is easy and can be done with ease. The installation of the device can be done on a simple flat wall mount. The video quality for the Nooie Cam Video Doorbell comes with a stunning 2k resolution and 158 degrees of field of vision. This is more than enough to record a person from head to toe.

The Nooie Cam Video Doorbell is equipped with a motion sensor and the motion sensor can be customized accordingly. The night vision on the Nooie Cam Video Doorbell works like no other doorbell. The company claims its night vision to be superior in comparison to other doorbell companies’ products.

The Nooie Cam Video Doorbell comes with the feature of two-way talking. This not only helps enhance communication but lets you know who is at your front gate. Apart from that, the doorbell is equipped with a built-in anti-noise mic that provides you with better audio quality. The company claims that the device is weatherproof.

The weatherproof feature is maybe responsible for the battery running out on time. Apart from that, the massive battery of 10,000 mAh can support this minor drainage. The Nooie Cam Video Doorbell can be controlled by the application provided by the company. The application is easy to use and is known to quickly pair with the device.

The device comes with an anti-theft safety lock and a siren that alerts you of any mishaps. As for the storage of data, the user has to purchase an SD card separately.


When it comes to the safety of loved ones then it is better to be secure and take precautions for the same. The need for security is something that people in every era looked for; earlier the sense of security was only available to the rich and noble class. Times changed, and so did technology.

The idea of providing some basic needs in terms of security lead to many products that made a person feel assured about their loved ones. We hope that the above list of best video doorbell without subscription may help you choose your next doorbell.

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