How to Change Ring Doorbell Sound Easily?

Ring Doorbell, while a doorbell, in essence, comes with a live video camera, a speaker to communicate with visitors, as well as online connectivity. You may or may not like the default doorbell sound, plus many people enjoy having personalized sounds for their doorbell systems – which is why people change ring doorbell sound. This can be especially helpful to those who live in condos or apartments with other people who may have the same devices.

In this article, we will cover how you can change the ring doorbell sound easily, whether it is switching to another tune or simply putting the sound on silent.

Sound on Silent

You can choose to silence your Ring system, and your visitors wouldn’t hear a sound at all. Many guests may think your doorbell isn’t working, especially if you fail to come to the door promptly. 

Nevertheless, you will have to turn off your Ring sound to change your Ring Doorbell sound. The Ring functions can be easily found on the app. On the app, go to “Device Options”. Find the “volume/ringer” slider and lower the volume of the doorbell to the left to mute. 

To get rid of the outside sound, lowering the volume may be the perfect solution. If you still want the default sound but do not want it to blast at your guests, you can simply lower the volume halfway or more. They will still hear it but won’t be startled by it.

How Can You Change To Different Sounds?

You can have a different sound play outside through your Ring Doorbell, but you have to put in a little effort to achieve that. There are three ways of changing ring doorbell sound:

1. Using Ring Chimes 

Most people consider the plug-in Ring Chime unit to be the easiest way to create ring doorbell change sound for your porch. A Ring Chime is a speaker for your Ring devices. The Ring Chime can be set up inside or outside as long as you can insert it into an electrical outlet. 

Your guests will be able to hear it outside, but you should avoid placing it outside as it may not be safe from weather and theft. An advantage to using Ring Chime is you can download new ringtones and personalize your Ring devices according to your mood.

2. Using an Echo Device or Alexa 

Your Amazon Echo device can be set up to act as a doorbell chime, which will be activated when the Ring Doorbell is pressed. One advantage of the Echo is its large collection of doorbell sounds in its library. 

Like the Ring Chime, the Echo must also be protected from water and direct sunlight (and theft). Much like the Ring chime, your guests will be able to hear the Echo outside while not getting startled by its loudness. On picking your doorbell sound from the Alexa App, your Echo will default to that sound when your Ring Doorbell is pressed. Creative types can go a step further and set up customized music and greetings for your Ring Doorbell. 

In this method, you won’t choose Echo for your announcement device but will go to the Alexa app to set up a routine (basically automated triggers) for your Ring Doorbell to activate a selected sound. You can set your front doorbell to act as a trigger to activate the customized sound of your choice.

3. Using Your Old Doorbell 

Those who are wondering how to change ringtone on ring doorbell but want to keep their old doorbell can rewire it externally to use it for the sound of the Ring Doorbell. This is the most complicated of the methods to replace the Ring Doorbell sound but could be worth the try and effort if you want the sound of your old doorbell, or you do not have a ring chime or an echo device at hand. 

Since the old doorbell has probably been uninstalled from the inside of your home when you put the Ring system, you can reinstall it on the outside of your home and use it as the mechanical ringer. Your Ring Doorbell has to be compatible with your old doorbell, but you can rework your Ring to play the sounds through the traditional chime unit. This can be done under the General Settings and then doorbell-type settings of the Ring app. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Can I change my ring doorbell sound?

Ans: Though you cannot change your ring doorbell sound directly from the devices, you can use ring chimes, an echo device, or even your old doorbell to change your front doorbell sound as per your desire.

Q2 How do you set different sounds on a ring?

Ans: The Ring Chime as well as Amazon Echo includes a feature that allows you to choose from a variety of chime tones to alert you to both ring and motion alerts.

Q3 How do I change the nesting sound on my doorbell?

Ans: Launch the Nest application on your device. Choose the option of the camera (or doorbell) and then go to settings. There, you would see an option to alter the ringtone.

Q4 Does Ring Chime have different sounds?

Ans: The Ring Chime allows you to choose from a list of chime tones to use for both ring and motion alerts.


While Ring Doorbell does not offer a simple solution to change the sound directly on the device, the workarounds we have mentioned can be achieved pretty easily. This way, you can change your front doorbell sound as per your preference. 

Ring officials have been told about customers’ desire to be able to change the doorbell sound on the devices directly, but so far, the company has not advanced with any re-engineering or options to allow that. Thus, the sound remains the default ringtone for now. 

While there may be various reasons why one might want to alter their ring doorbell sound, it can be fun to change the ring for a party or holiday too.  However, the Ring Doorbell does not have a function to change its sound directly on the system. But with the help of some methods and gadgets, you can customize and change ring doorbell sound. Hopefully, this article will help you accomplish the same.

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