Connect Apple TV To Wi-Fi Without Remote

How To Connect Apple TV To Wi-Fi Without Remote? [2022]

Apple TV is one of the best smart TV that you can buy right now, which supports a 4K High Frame Rate, HDR, and Dolby Atmos sound. With entertainment, you can also use your Apple TV with HomeKit Secure Video for security.

To connect your Apple TV with your home security system, you have to use a WiFi network. But I lost my Apple TV remote.

After hours of research, finally, I found a way to connect Apple TV to Wi-Fi without the Remote.

How To Connect Apple TV To Wi-Fi Without Remote?

I have tried somany methods shared by other Apple TV users including the use of a Bluetooth keyboard or even a MacBook keyboard to enter a WiFi password.

Method 1: Share a Password from another iOS device

Here is the first method to connect your Apple TV to WiFi without an Apple TV remote.

If you don’t have an Apple TV, then you can use your iOS device to run the iOS 9.0 version. You can easily transfer your WiFi network SSID, password, or Apple ID login details to your Apple TV. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: First turn on the Bluetooth and WiFi of your iOS device.

Step 2: Then turn on your Apple TV and when you see the Apple startup screen, just touch your iOS device to the Apple TV.

This will display a new setup of instructions on your iOS device and TV. Follow these simple steps on both Apple devices and once done, your Apple TV will be connected to the WiFi network shared by the iOS device.

If WiFi is not working on your Apple TV, check for any pending updates and restart your Apple TV. This will solve your issue.

Method 2: Use a standard TV remote

If you don’t have an iOS device running iOS 9+ then you can use a standard TV remote to control and manage your Apple TV. Here are the steps:

Step 1: First, buy a standard TV remote compatible with your Apple TV and buy it.

Step 2: Take an ethernet cable from the WiFi router and connect it to your Apple TV.

Step 3: Now using your iPhone Control Center, go to Settings > General > Remotes on the Apple TV.

Step 4: Then choose to learn the remote option and follow the basic steps to connect the standard TV remote with your Apple TV.

Step 5: Disconnect the ethernet cable > enable the Wi-Fi on Apple TV using General > Network.

Step 6: Setup the WiFi on Apple TV using the standard TV remote.

Method 3: Use Your iPhone as a remote

Use iPhone as a remote

You can use your existing iPhone as a remote for your Apple TV using the iPhone control center.

Note: To use this method, you will need the iOS 12+ or iPadOS 13+ version.

Just take your iOS device closer to your Apple TV and your TV will detect it automatically.

Step 1: If not detected automatically, you have to add Apple TV control to your iOS device manually. To do this, go to Settings > Control Center.

Step 2: Once added, you can control your Apple TV with your iPhone or iPad control center.

Step 3: Configure your Wi-Fi using Settings > Network > Wi-Fi and select your Wi-Fi network from the list.


Why is my Apple TV not connecting to Wi-Fi?

Due to Internet connection issues or router issues, your Apple TV Stopped working.

How do I connect Apple TV to new Wi-Fi without a remote?

Find a standard TV remote and Connect the Ethernet cable to your Apple TV.
Go to Settings > General > Remotes on the Apple TV. For this use the remote feature on your iPhone’s Control Center.
Choose Learn Remote and follow the basic steps.
After that, disconnect the ethernet cable and enable the Wi-Fi on Apple TV through General > Network > Configure Wi-Fi using your old TV remote.

Why isn’t my Apple TV connecting to my TV?

There might be an issue with the Internet or your router.

How can I connect my TV to the Wi-Fi?

To connect the device to the Wi-Fi, press and hold the Bluetooth icon on the television screen until the Bluetooth symbol appears on the screen. Then, select “Search for available networks” on the TV screen, enter the network name and password, and press “Join.”

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