Sonos HomeKit: How to Connect Sonos with Homekit Easily?

Sonos is a sound system brand and a leading name in the audio entertainment industry. The company aims to have listeners “listen to the sound as it sounds”, indicating precision in the quality of the audio exerted by their products. Sonos also has over two thousand patented innovations to its name. The Sonos homekit compatibility takes the functionality of this sound system brand to another level.

The balanced and seamless audio delivery during the process of receiving entertainment has made Sonos an absolute favorite. The speakers pair effortlessly with your TV screens so you can make the most out of your leisurely hours.

Now, since these smart devices will also suit well in a smart home, they must integrate with the software you are using for your home; a really popular name in which is Apple’s HomeKit. This article will talk about Sonos HomeKit compatibility, and how you can go about connecting the two.

What is HomeKit?

Synonymous to Apple Home, HomeKit is system software that interlinks smart devices at home to work on the control of iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Every connected device can be connected and is one tap away from accessibility through any Apple device, thanks to Homekit.

Homekit connection with various devices of your home ensures the utmost security, functionality, and accessibility for your iPhone device. HomeKit can support control over a vast variety of smart products ranging from kitchen appliances, fans, cameras, TVs, lamps, and even light bulbs!

The integration of home devices with this smart system enables easy and wider control of homeowners over the functioning of their homes. HomeKit can give you customizable control over these devices which will now work upon desire, automation, and timers.

Specific “scenes” can also be created through HomeKit, letting you add very specific commands to adhere to a certain scene. For example, a scene for the night, one for the morning, one for the evening, or one for any certain part of the day.

Products compatible with HomeKit often come with a QR code attached to them that can be connected to HomeKit by scanning them through the app. Let us find out if this helpful framework can create a Sonos apple homekit connection, which is a popular audio product manufacturer.

Is Sonos compatible with HomeKit?

The latest Sonos devices are compatible with HomeKit, while the older Sonos devices work with HomeKit through a HomeBridge hub or device. It is recommended to buy a newer Sonos product (such as the Sonos Beam, Sonos Amp, Sonos Playbase, Play, or Sonos One), for it will be better integrated into your HomeKit-based smart home.

Now that we are clear with what Sonos and Homekit are, it is now to move on to how you can actually establish an effective apple homekit Sonos connection.

How Can You Connect Sonos with HomeKit?

If you have several older Sonos devices, you can add a newer product to your collection. This will help the other pre-existing devices to be able to be collectively integrated with the HomeKit along with the newer Sonos product.

  • You may also update the Sonos App to enable HomeKit support. To connect Sonos and homekit, follow these steps-
  • Open the Sonos app, find the “More” option and click on it.
  • Press “Update” which will go and update the app in the Appstore.
  • Launch the Sonos app again; you will receive a “check for updates” prompt. Install the new features.
  • Launch the Home app upon the finishing of installation and click on the + button to add an accessory.
  • Choose “Don’t have a code or can’t scan” and choose the new Sonos speaker from among the available devices.

What if You Don’t Have A New Speaker?

Buying a new speaker is not a feasible option for everyone though, so you can also focus on integrating the existing Sonos products into HomeKit. The way to do so is HomeBridge.

Some certain devices and products are not natively compatible with HomeKit. This calls for a mediating service so that even these products can function with HomeKit. This service is known as Homebridge. The best feature of Homebridge is that it does not need to be purchased at any point, only a download is required.

The program works by installing plug-ins into it which makes incompatible devices compatible with the HomeKit. Upon finishing this process, these devices can easily be controlled through smartphones and computers supporting HomeBridge. To do so, all you need is an internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Sonos work with HomeKit?

A. The latest Sonos products support HomeKit, while the older ones can be made compatible through HomeBridge.

2. Will Sonos ever work with Siri?

A. Siri is not compatible with Sonos unless the product supports AirPlay 2.

3. Can Apple HomePod control Sonos?

A. Yes, Sonos speakers can be paired with HomePod.

4. How do I add my Apple to Sonos?

A. Menu> Add music service> Apple music> add to Sonos> start 3 months free trial.


The connection of various devices within the Apple ecosystem is one of the most convenient developments that took place in the field of technology. Hence, it is important to know how to connect Sonos to Homekit to avail of the ultimate functioning conveniences.

While you have the option to upgrade to a Sonos system that is already compatible with Homekit, it is not an issue if you don’t wish to do so. You can easily connect your old Sonos speaker to Homekit using homebridge, as discussed above.

Hopefully, this article will provide you with all the information that you need to establish the Sonos homekit connection easily without any hassles.

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