Why Is My Dish Remote Not Working? Fix it Quickly

Televisions are a great source of entertainment. However, the remote which is used to access the various channels on the television (along with many other functions) often stops working without any explanation. In such cases, frustration and anger are understandable – especially when you were supposed to watch something important on your TV and the dish remote not working properly ruins everything. 

If you have a Dish TV connection, then the reasons behind your remote not working efficiently can be quite varying. In this article, we will identify some of the most common issues with dish remotes and look into some quick fixes for the problem.

Why Is My Dish Remote Not Working?

The problem with your dish remote not changing channels can be due to a variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common triggers behind your remote not working as efficiently as it did once:

●  Faulty batteries

●  Default set to the wrong device

●  The Remote is not able to pair effectively with the television 

The problem of dish remotes not working is fairly common and can be fixed by following some easy solutions as we will discuss in the next section.

How to Fix the Dish Remote Quickly?

If you have ever googled ‘my dish remote is not working’, you would have come across hundreds of unfiltered results. There are many solutions that you can consider trying out to quickly fix your dish tv remote so that it works as well as it did before. Here are some of the most efficient solutions for the problem:

1. Check the Batteries

One of the most common reasons why the dish tv remote (or any remote for that matter) stops working is the fault within the batteries. Hence, one of the first solutions that you should try out is replacing the old batteries with new ones. However, the batteries may be completely fine but the remote may not work properly because of incorrect insertion. 

So make sure that you put the batteries properly in the area of insertion, keeping in mind the positive and negative terminals. Additionally, the problem can also be dirt and dust accumulating in the battery section of the remote. Hence, you should also make sure that you clean the area where the batteries have to be inserted. 

Once you are thorough with all these steps – checking if the batteries have discharged or not, making sure that the insertion is correct, and the area of the battery holder is clean – your remote should start working properly. If not, move on to the next solution.

2. Ensure That You Are In The Correct Mode

The thing with dish tv remotes is that there is only one device to control all sorts of systems within the television – be it the AUX, TV, or the set-top box. In such cases, it is fairly common to be stuck in some mode that you do not want access to and you are using the wrong controls from the remote.

For instance, if you want to control the TV mode but the television is somehow set to the AUX mode then the remote controls would not work properly. To fix this, use the function keys on your remote and toggle to the mode of the TV that you normally control with the remote. You may need to press the TV mode a few times before it is actually set to your desired mode and then the remote will start working properly.

3. Ensure That The Remote Is Paired

Another common reason behind the dish remote not working properly is that it is not properly paired to your television. It can happen anytime without any mandatory trigger, and it is relatively easy to fix. 

To fix this issue, press the option of system info on the receiver. Then, press the SAT key followed by choosing either the ‘cancel’ key or the ‘back’ key. If this does not work for your remote, then after choosing the SAT key you should press ‘record’ and then leave the page by pressing ‘done’. This should effectively pair your dish remote to the television.

4. Restart

Sometimes, all a device needs is a restart. In case of your dish remote not working properly too, it might be helpful to restart the receiver in case none of the above solutions seem to be effective. To do so, you have to turn the receiver off and unplug it from the switch. After that, wait for about a minute or two and then plug the dish tv receiver back in. This reboot should fix the issue of not receiving signals from your remote.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What do you do when your DISH remote stops working?

Ans. if your Dish remote stops working, you should consider figuring out why it happened in the first place. Figure out if it is the faulty batteries, wrong device mode, or receiver’s fault at hand and then try out solutions accordingly.

2. Why is my remote not working even with new batteries?

Ans. The reason why your remote might not be working even with new batteries might be the accumulation of dirt and dust at the battery terminals of the remote. Clean it and try again, and if the problem persists then the issue is not in the battery.

3. How do you reboot a DISH remote?

Ans. You can reboot a dish remote by unplugging the power receiver for about a minute or two and then plugging it back in.

4. Why does my DISH remote not work after changing batteries?

Ans. If you are facing the issue of the dish remote not working after changing batteries, then the issue is not with them in the first place. Consider cleaning the terminals or trying out other troubleshooting methods to fix them.


While all the above-mentioned solutions can help your dish tv remote to start working properly again, there are chances that you may face failure by trying out every fix. In such a case, if you wonder why is my dish remote not working – resetting the receiver might prove helpful. 

If this does not work too, then you should call an expert from Dish tv customer care services and let the professionals handle the issue behind it. Hopefully, this article would have helped you point out the problem with your dish remote not working properly and provide you with an effective solution for it.

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