Xfinity Gateway Blinking Orange Light

How to Fix Xfinity Gateway Blinking Orange Issue

If you are using Xfinity routers for a long time then you know it has some indicator lights which allow you to check the status of your router and Internet connection. For example, If the router is steady then it means your router is ON. On the other hand, if there is a red steady light then it means the Internet is not working.

But recently many users have reported that there is an orange light blinking on the Xfinity router. So what is the meaning of “Xfinity Gateway Blinking Orange”.

Fix Xfinity Gateway Blinking Orange Issue

Here in this article, we are sharing everything you need to know about the Xfinity Gateway Blinking Orange issue and how to fix it.

Why Xfinity Gateway Light Blinking Orange?

According to the Xfinity router experts, if your Xfinity Gateway light Blinking Orange color then there must be some firmware update going on in the background.

You will see an Orange light blinking when Xfinity gateway is trying to make a connection with the Xfinity network.

There could be a service outage issue or a faulty router/modem or a defective splitter.

If you see the orange light for the first time then wait for atleast 15-20 minutes.

If your Xfinity router is still Blinking Orange Light then the issue is something else.

Here are the working methods to fix the Xfinity Gateway Blinking Orange issue.

Method 1: Wait for the Upgrade to Finish

As we mentioned above, the main reason for the Orange blinking light is a background firmware update. So the first thing you should do is, wait for some time and let it finish. It will take some time according to your Internet connection to download and install the firmware update on your Xfinity router.

Xfinity router will automatically find the best available firmware update once an update becomes available, it will start downloading it.

Remember not to turn off the router when the update process is running otherwise it will harm your router. So wait for atleast 15-20 minutes.

Method 2: Restart your Xfinity Gateway

The first thing you should do is, restart your Xfinity router. If the issue is related to the router firmware issue or hardware issue, a simple restart or reboot will fix the issue.

To restart your Xfinity router, just unplug the router power cable and connect it after 10 seconds. Then wait for 20-30 seconds to set up and then check the LED light. For most users, a simple restart will work.

Method 3: Check your Internet

If your Internet is stopped working, then your router will start showing orange light. To check if your Internet is working fine or not with other devices. Also, check your ISP if there is an issue with the Internet.

Method 4: Check the Splitter for Damage

Sometimes due to a broken Splitter, you might face this issue. So check your Splitter for any damages. It is a small device that will help you to transfer signals without any issue. It will split the incoming signals so that your other devices can use the Internet. If it is broken then replace it and check again.

If still not working, connect your Internet cable directly to your Router and check it.

Method 5: Reset your Router

If still Xfinity Gateway Blinking Orange light, you can reset your router. It will delete all the data of your router and restore factory settings. To reset your router, follow these steps:

Remove Internet cable from your Router.

Take a small pin and press the reset button for 10-15 seconds until all LED lights blink. You can find the hard reset button beside the power input.

Reset your Router

Once all LED light blinks, release the reset button and wait for 15-20 seconds. It will restore all settings.

Now connect your Internet cable and set up your router. It should work.

Method 6: Use a direct Ethernet Connection

If your Xfinity Gateway is still Blinking Orange light then try to use a direct Ethernet connection to your PC. If you are able to access the Internet via Ethernet connection then it means the issue is different.

In this case, you have to contact the Xfinity support team.


Why is Xfinity Gateway flashing?

Xfinity Gateway will flash to indicate a problem with the connection. Examples of problems include a faulty cable connection, a faulty gateway, or an incompatible computer.

What does green light mean on the Xfinity box?

It means the network is up and running, but it’s a bit slow.

Why does my Xfinity Wi-Fi keep disconnecting?

The Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting due to loose Cables, Signal Interference, and Distance of your Wi-Fi.

How do I activate my Xfinity Gateway?

Download the Xfinity app.
Launch the app and sign in using your Xfinity ID and password.
Select Get Started.

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