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How to Download and Use Garageband for Windows PC 10/11

Wondering what is GarageBand for windows 10 and how to make the best out of this amazing software? Stay tuned to find out more. 

If you aren’t familiar with GarageBand, it is a simple and powerful DAW software that lets you create and edit music. The software comes with many panels and windows that help you create different types of music. For example, the workspace is the place where you can see notes recorded and the editor is where you can make changes to your tracks.

What is GarageBand?

GarageBand is the most used and advanced digital audio workstation (DAW), available for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. You can use GarageBand to create, edit, and compose music on your Macbook and iPhone. There are so many other DAWs available but GarageBand is the one that you need if you are a composer or musician.

Garageband allows you to create multiple tracks with pre-made MIDI, loops, instrumental effects, and voice recordings. You will get all of these things with Garageband for PC.

Garageband Features:

  • Built-in music creation studio
  • Sound library with electronic‑based music styles like EDM and Hip Hop
  • Create astonishingly human‑sounding drum tracks
  • Drummer
  • Built‑in lessons for piano and guitar
  • Helpful recording and editing features
  • Compression and visual EQ effects
  • Share songs easily with friends & family
  • iCloud compatible
Garageband for Windows Interface

How to Download Garageband for Windows 10/11

If you have a Windows PC and want to make music with Garageband, then here is a problem. Garageband is not available officially for the Windows Operating system but you can use it on your Windows using these steps. So basically, Garageband on Windows is possible but not officially.

GarageBand for Windows is easy to download. To install it, you must install the iPadian emulator that allows you to run iPhone Apps on Windows OS. There is another way to install GarageBand on Windows PC which is using Virtualbox or VMWare. But we will discuss it later. Let’s start the process using the emulator.

1. First download the iPadian emulator from the official website.

Garageband iPadian download

2. Then install it on your Windows PC.

3. Once installed, open the iPadian emulator and then log in to your Apple App store account.

4. Once done, search for Garageband and install it. Note that you will need 20 GB of space to download and install Garageband on your PC.

Once you have installed Garageband for Windows 10, you can begin creating music with it. The software comes with various editing features.

However, there are some other emulators/programs that can imitate iPad hardware and allow you to use GarageBand on Windows computers. Let’s check out some of the most popular iPad emulators for PC. 

1. Lambdatest 

2. Xcode



5. Smartface

Should You Use GarageBand On Windows PC?

As I have explained above, you can use GarageBand on Windows PC with the help of an emulator. But should you really do it? 

Technically, there is nothing that should stop you from using it. There is no copyright issue or software licensing as well. But The problem is that emulators are pretty hefty programs and require a lot of computer resources to run. 

Most of the emulators have been designed primarily for research and development so that developers can test the applications on both platforms to find out the smallest possible errors which can be tweaked out. 

Since there is no GarageBand for PC, my first advice would be that you must look for some worthy alternatives which are compatible with the Windows platform. We will discuss some of the best GarageBand alternatives for Windows further in the article. 

However, if you want to have GarageBand on Windows PC, make sure you have decent hardware for it. R&D software like emulators require a high-frequency CPU and a good amount of RAM to function smoothly. 

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More about Garageband Software

Garageband allows you to record multiple tracks and incorporate effects. It also allows you to mix different sounds. It also lets you mix different types of instruments and synthesize them. You can also see the overall composition of your songs and the individual tracks. These are essential tools for musicians. If you want to create unique music, you should try Garageband. It will give you the freedom to explore your creativity and improve your skills in music production.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Simple to record and mix music
  • Built-in sound library
  • Instrument lessons
  • 24-bit recording support
  • 3rd party plugin support


  • No mixing console view
  • No direct export option

The musical typing keyboard lets you play notes directly from your Mac keyboard. It is easy to navigate through this software and you can easily learn to use it as you go.

The latest version of Garageband is packed with features and has many useful tools. You can use it to record vocals, correct instruments, edit and transpose the music, download third-party plug-ins, share your projects with other Apple users, and transfer your music between Mac OS and iOS. The default versions are great for beginners, but there are many ways to improve your creations. If you want to add some original touches to your music, try using the ‘Edit’ option, which lets you adjust the volume and tempo of your tracks.

Garageband Alternatives for Windows 10/11

If you don’t want to use an emulator to use Garageband on Windows then you can use Garageband alternative apps. There are so many DAW software that come with the same features as Garageband and are officially available for Windows.

The 5 best free GarageBand alternatives for Windows in 2022 are:

  • Cakewalk
  • Magix MusicMaker
  • Akai MPC Beats
  • Ohm Studio
  • ‘Lite’ Software.


So there you go! Unfortunately, there is no official GarageBand for Windows 10 but you can certainly use it on your PC using an emulator. We have shared everything you need to know about GarageBand. If you find any way to use GarageBand Windows without any 3rd party emulator then share it with us.

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