How to Reset Google Home Mini easily?

Ever since Google Home Mini entered the field of technology, life has become easier for everyone who chose to avail of its services. It provides the ultimate comfort of automation with the luxury of being accessible one click away. However, sometimes you may need to reset it to improve its efficiency – which is when this article on how to reset Google home mini will help you.

There may be several reasons why you might want to reset the Google Home Mini, but you might not be able to find a worthy guide as to how you can go about doing so. Hence, this article will touch on aspects such as what is Google Home Mini, why you need to reset it, and how you can do so without any hassles.

What is Google Home Mini?

The smart speaker, that is, Google Home Mini is the go-to home solution you need in your household. It can take a variety of commands like setting reminders for you throughout the day, playing music as desired, calling relatives, creating shortcuts, reciting recipes to you at your command, and just simply acting as the smart helper in several other tasks. 

What is better is that Google Home can work in assisting with several third-party applications and programs as well. Google Home is also equivalent to HomeKit or Apple Home for many non-iOS users. It can also integrate several devices from your house that can work on smart control.  

Google Home is constantly making the daily lives of people better by assisting them with their daily schedules and plans, making everything controllable it much easier. Apart from the important tasks, it is also fit to fulfill leisurely desires such as listening to music and listening to jokes.

Now that we are clear with what a Google Home Mini is and its primary functionalities, it is time to move on to an important question – why do you need to learn how to factory reset Google home mini in the first place?

Why and When Should You Reset Your Google Home Mini?

While the tasks fulfilled by Google Home may be satisfying, problems may naturally arise as well. In some cases, you may have to reset your Google Home Mini. To understand the various reasons behind the need to resetting Google home mini, let us consider the following-

1. Technical Issues

As natural for electronic devices, there may be certain issues you may be facing with your Google Home Mini. To get rid of bugs, viruses, and glitches in your device, a need to reset might be felt. Mostly, Google home mini factory reset is the obvious solution to get rid of issues.

2. Device Upgrade

If you are someone who wants to buy a Google home assistant that is better, more efficient, and more feature-packed than your current Google Home Mini, you may consider exchanging the currently available device for the newer one to avail a discounted offer. To go about this process, you will be required to factory reset Google mini first and then give it up for an exchange. 

Now all the possible reasons why you might want to reset your Google Home Mini have been discussed, it is time to move on to how you can do so without creating any problems.

How to Reset Google Home Mini?

While resetting the Google Home Mini is not that hard of a task, it is important to know some relevant information before getting started with the process of it. One such detail is the model of your Google Home Mini since the first generation and the second generation models will have different methods of resetting the device.

1. Resetting the Second Generation

First, let us take a look at how you can reset your second-generation Google Home Mini device:

  • Locate the on/off button on the side of the device and turn it to “off”. The LED lights on top of the speaker will flicker orange now.
  • Wait for five seconds before you see that the device has automatically begun to factory reset. A chime in about an additional ten seconds will indicate that the process of resetting has been completed.

2. Resetting the First Generation

However, if the Google Home Mini in your house is of the first generation follow these steps to reset the device:

  • The First Gen Google Mini has its reset button located below its power cord.
  • The button will act similarly in resetting as it did in the Second Gen Model.
  • Simply turn it off, wait for like fifteen seconds and the reset will be completed with a chime, quite an easy method.
  • Make sure to press and hold the buttons.
  • Wait for the chime to ensure that the reset has been completed.


Keep these steps in mind while you are trying to get rid of major technical glitches or are making the Mini ready for a new user. Always make sure to press and hold for the required amounts of time and also wait for the chime to ensure that the process has been done before you give it up for exchange or sale or any such purpose. 

Hopefully, this article will provide you with all the information that you need and clear all doubts as to how to reset Google home mini. If you feel that any issue is coming up while doing so, you should not hesitate in calling the professionals of the customer care service for help.

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