Why Is My Guided Access Not Working For iPhone/iPad? [FIX]

One of the major reasons why people love to go for Apple products is how it enhances user productivity exponentially. While its design and software are worth praising for this achievement, Apple also has many unique features to offer to the common masses to enhance their user experience.

One such feature is guided access. This feature is present in both iPhones and iPad and ensures that there is no distraction thrown at the user while carrying out a certain task. However, as much as Apple works hard to provide a great user experience – there are times when the features stop working.

If the guided access feature in your iPhone or iPad has come to a halt, keep reading this article to find out why it happened and how to fix it.

How To Use Guided Access Feature?

There can be various reasons why the guided access feature can be useful for you. For instance, if your child uses your iPhone or iPad a lot – you might want to make sure that the exposure to certain elements of the device is limited.

Apart from that, you might even have to give your device to someone else for a brief period for work. In such a situation, the person might go through your unlocked phone and steal private information. To prevent this, guided access disables screen sharing. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can enable this feature on your phone:

Step 1: Go to the settings section of your device, and then to the general menu section. Tap on the accessibility option there and you will be directed to the screen of guided access. 

Step 2: Now comes the tricky part. Using the tip of your finger, tap around the area of your phone that needs to be restricted.

Step 3: Tap on the start button, and activate the guided access. If you circle an area to restrict by mistake, you can undo it easily by tapping on the cross icon.

Guided Access Not Working – How To Fix It?

It is understandable to get overwhelmed if your guided access stops working. After all, the thought of someone going through your private data is terrifying! However, you do not need to worry as there are several ways through which you can fix this issue on your own.

Solution 1: Restart

The first solution that you should try out is the old classic restarting of the device. Once the ios device is rebooted, minor issues get solved themselves and chances are that your guided access would start working immediately after the device turns on.

Hold the power button of your apple device until the restart or switch-off screen appears. Slide the screen to the right to restart your device. If plain restarting does not solve your problem, you can hard reset your device too.

Solution 2: Disable

If the feature of guided access is not working properly, it is best to disable it and then enable it again. While the process of enabling this feature has already been discussed above, here is how to disable the guided access feature on your Apple device:

  • Step 1: Click on your home button thrice. Your device would redirect you to the guided access screen where you would be asked to enter the passcode. If you have faced a passcode, tap on the home button only twice.
  • Step 2: enter the passcode correctly. After that, tap on the end option.

Solution 3: Reset

Sometimes, restarting or rebooting the device is not enough to solve an issue. In such cases, resetting your iOS device is an option that you can consider – provided you have already backed up important data before taking this step. We have a detailed guide on how to factory reset and iPhone that you can checkout. Follow these steps to reset the device:

  • Step 1: go to the settings menu on your device.
  • Step 2: tap on the option of general settings
  • Step 3: on the new screen, tap on the option of reset.

Solution 4: Repair the System

There is another method to fix your issue of guided access not working without erasing any data on your device. You can contact your nearest apple store for it or do it yourself through third-party applications such as Tenorshare ReiBoot.


1. Why is guided access not working?

Ans. Even though iPhones and iPads work pretty efficiently, they can break down from time to time without any explanation too. Hence, if the guided access feature of your device is not working, it might simply be some technical issue.

2. Why is guided access grayed out?

Ans. Guided access text may be greyed out because the feature is already turned on.

3. Why won’t guide access work on my iPhone?

Ans. Any small technical issue might result in the faulty functioning of the guided access feature. You can try to restart the device to fix it.

4. How do I reset my Guided Access app?

Ans. You can reset the guided access app by either disabling it through the accessibility menu or changing the passcode through the passcode settings of guided access.

5. Why is my triple-click on my iPhone not working?

Ans. Make sure that you only use the triple-click feature when you have a proper passcode to enter. If you have, say, facedID for a passcode a triple click won’t lead you to the guided access. You need to double-click in this case.

6. Will guided access turn off if the phone dies?

Ans. Yes, guided access turns off if the phone dies.

7. How do I get my phone out of guided access without a passcode?

Ans. Go to settings and then to accessibility. Tap on the option of guided access, and then go to passcode settings. Enter the new password. Apart from this, you can also restart the phone to turn off the feature.

8. How do I unlock my iPhone from guided access?

Ans. You can unlock your iPhone from guided access by putting in the passcode. If you do not have the passcode, simply restart the device.

9. How do you restart guided access on iPhone?

Ans. You can restart guided access on your iPhone by first disabling it from the accessibility menu, and then again enabling it.

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