HomeKit Outdoor Cameras for Your Smart Home

Best HomeKit Outdoor Cameras for Your Smart Home

Apple is not making its smart home camera but Apple has developed a home automation system called homekit. Apple has partnered with big camera companies like Logitech to make homekit enabled outdoor cameras. Now in 2022, Arlo and Eve are the most popular camera systems that work with HomeKit. Using an outdoor HomeKit camera, you can make your home secure. You can also connect your outdoor HomeKit camera with Sir.

The HomeKit outdoor Camera is an excellent way to monitor your property, even if you aren’t home. The device works with the Apple TV and the HomePod and can send alerts to your phone when motion is detected, as well as allowing you to watch the video stream on the camera. While the free plan does not allow you to record the video, it does allow you to view it live and receive real-time notifications when motion is detected.

HomeKit Outdoor Cameras for Your Smart Home

The Homekit outdoor camera is designed to fit easily into your outdoor lighting scheme, including existing lights. This camera offers 120-watt LED floodlights and can be installed using existing light fixtures. It can send alerts to your smartphone in real-time and can distinguish between animals, cars, and people. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and you can set up scenarios using other smart devices to determine which areas are more dangerous.

HomeKit Secure Video offers end-to-end encryption. As our world gets increasingly connected, it’s even more crucial to take care of the security of our homes and loved ones.

Here are the 5 best HomeKit Outdoor Cameras that you can use to secure your home.

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1.  Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera HomeKit Camera

If you’re looking for a new homekit security camera, the Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera is a great option. The wire-free design lets you mount it almost anywhere. The Arlo SmartHub can be used to playback footage on a compatible smart display. The camera is also compatible with HomeKit, which allows it to be integrated into the system.

The Arlo Ultra 2 can connect to both WiFi networks and works indoors and outdoors. The device features a magnetic mounting base, stunning 4K HDR imagery, weather resistance, and a rechargeable battery. The camera can be paired with any other Arlo device, so you can use it anywhere. To charge it, simply plug it into the hub’s USB port and insert a microSD card.

2. eufyCam 2 Kit HomeKit Camera

eufyCam 2 Kit

The eufyCam 2 Kit is a wireless HomeKit camera that works with iOS devices. The device has some great features, including facial recognition. It uses the iCloud photo library to process the images. Users can also set a schedule for notifications. It can be set to receive notifications when someone is at home and when they are away. It even has geofencing, which lets you see who is in your home based on the location of your phone.

The eufyCam 2 Kit is an excellent choice for people who are concerned about security. The device has three 1080p cameras and a base station for recording locally. Its battery life is a full 365 days, which makes it an excellent choice for people who have trouble finding a camera to suit their needs. The camera also supports HomeKit and is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

3. Logitech Circle View HomeKit Camera

Logitech Circle View HomeKit Camera

The Logitech Circle View HomeKit Camera is a user-friendly, fully-featured home security camera. It has a durable weatherproof IP64-rated body and comes with a wall-mounting bracket. It is equipped with 180-degree diagonal field of view glass optics and full HD video. The camera can also be set up to record 1080p HD videos. Its unique design allows it to be placed anywhere in your home without taking up much space.

The Circle View’s black-and-white design is simple and understated. The majority of the body is matte-finished metal, but the lens housing is plastic. The back of the camera features a hinge, so you can adjust the angle of view to get the best view. The device has a physical off button, so you can turn it off easily when not in use. You can also see whether the camera is recording or not by tapping the snapshot.

4. Logitech Circle 2 HomeKit Camera

Logitech Circle 2 HomeKit Camera

The Logitech Circle 2 HomeKit Camera is compatible with Apple’s Siri. You can use the iOS or Android app to configure the device. The camera is made of a semi-pliable white shell. It has a metal back that connects to the power cable pins. The camera can be paired with Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem via its app.

The camera is easy to set up and features a sturdy metal base that can be rotated 180 degrees up and down. It can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. The thin wall mount is not very secure, and its charging cord is clunky. It is possible to install a third-party app, but it’s best to get the official version of the HomeKit software. You can also purchase a USB adapter for the camera.

5. Eve Cam HomeKit Camera

Eve Cam HomeKit Camera

The Eve Cam is an indoor video camera with flexible mounting options that keep an eye on your property. With the help of a live feed from the camera, you can protect your home from unwanted visitors. You can also use the camera to keep an eye on your pet or holiday home. The Apple HomeKit Camera supports secure video technology, so you can rest easy knowing that your data and privacy will be protected. The cameras are powered by the same Wi-Fi technology that makes them so popular.

The Eve Cam’s app is designed to work with your iOS device. In order to control your camera, you need to use the Home app to switch to its home screen. The Eve Cam comes with a microphone and speaker, which may be a downside for those who don’t want their recordings to be distorted or cracked.

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