How Long Does AirTags Battery Last? AirTag Battery Life

It’s not long since tech giant Apple introduced another breakthrough product – The AirTag. A tiny round device you can use to locate your belongings. But very little is known regarding how long does airtags battery last for.

We all often lose things around our house and sometimes it’s a pain to find stuff like car keys, tv remotes, wallets, etc. Now, it’s not a life-changing issue but it may cause some inconvenience to some of us. Thankfully, Apple has released a Bluetooth device called AirTag, which can help you locate your missing stuff around the house. But how does it work? 

In this guide, I will address all the common concerns regarding Apple AirTag battery life. We will also discuss its tracking features, price, and availability. So stay tuned. 

This guide covers the following topics:

  • how long do airtags last?
  • When will AirTag go on sale?
  • Will AirTag play a sound when I use the FindMy app to find it in my house?
  • What is the range of AirTag?
  • Can AirTags track anything?
  • Can you replace AirTag batteries?

What Is AirTag?

The AirTag is a wireless battery-operated device that connects to items and enables users to track them using Apple’s FindMy app. It is very helpful for keeping track of the many items you take around with you on a daily basis, such as backpacks, portable electronics, and car keys.

Hardware & Battery

The device comes with a U1 chip and uses standard Bluetooth to establish the connection between itself and your phone. Since Airtag is operated by the FindMy application, you can track your stuff using any of your apple devices such as an iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. 

To power the device, there is an in-built CR2032 battery which, according to Apple, lasts for a little over a year with standard usage. Unfortunately, it’s not rechargeable but once it’s completely depleted, you can get it replaced easily. AirTag battery life entirely depends on the usage and extreme weather may impact the battery life significantly. 

Availability and Price

Initially, AirTag was launched in the US in April 2021 but now the device is available across the markets including the UK, Europe, and Asia.

In the US, AirTag is available for $29 apiece. However, you can order a pack of four for $99. 

How Does It Work?

AirTag plays a sound when you use the FindMy app to find it in your house. The sound helps locate where it is as well as helps you find your phone if it’s lost under couch cushions or on the floor. If you prefer not to hear this noise, you can simply turn off this feature within the app itself.

With AirTag, you can find the AirTag within 10 meters (25-30 feet) of the tile. This range is enough for you to communicate with your phone and other portable devices within a short distance.

Never Lose Anything with AirTag

AirTags can track just about anything. You can use them to track your pets, your keys, your wallet, and even your luggage. They can also be used to track children.

You might think that this is not much of a use case because most people would have their pets or children on a leash or in tow when they go out but think again! If you have a dog that likes to wander off during walks then an AirTag will help you find it if it gets lost.

Similarly, if you have kids who like to explore the world outside their home then an AirTag could save them from getting lost too far away from home.

Does AirTag Battery Need Replacement?

Unfortunately, the battery in an air tag is not rechargeable. However, due to very low consumption, the AirTag will last at least for around 1 year before you start noticing any performance drop in terms of battery backup up.

You must be wondering when to change the battery. Don’t worry, your iPhone will notify you when the battery needs a replacement. In that case, you will need to contact Apple care and get the battery replaced. 

On standard usage, the air tag battery life is around 12-13 months and can be affected by how often it’s in use and where it’s stored (the lower the temperature the longer the battery will last). It doesn’t matter if you keep your AirTags everywhere or only use them occasionally—they’ll last about as long as they would if they were sitting on your desk all day every day. 

How to Replace AirTag Battery?

If you need to replace your tile’s battery, it can be done by a professional. However, there are some steps that must be followed to successfully replace the tile’s battery.

The first step is to contact AirTag Support and request a replacement tile. Once they have received your request, they will mail a new tile to you at no charge (assuming that the device has been registered with AirTag).

When receiving your new AirTag Tile, make sure that you register it with them as well. After doing so, you may proceed with replacing the old one with customer care’s help or on your own. 


Q. How often do AirTags need to be recharged?

A. AirTag battery can’t be recharged. The average battery life is around 1 year and once the battery is completely dead, you will have to get it replaced. 

Q. Do AirTags run out of battery?

A. Yes, AirTags are battery-powered and run out of battery over a period. We recommend that you use the AirTag for about one year before replacing the battery.

Q. Do AirTags need to be recharged?

A. No, AirTags do not need to be recharged. However, as with any electronic device, it is a good idea to use the AirTags in their recommended range of temperatures and environments. For example, if you are flying with your AirTags and they go off due to a change in altitude or temperature, you will want to wait until the vehicle has leveled out before using them again.

Q. Do AirTags die?

A. Yes, AirTags do die. It all depends on their environment and how often they’re used, but AirTag battery life is limited. According to the company, on standard usage, the battery will last for around 1 year. 

Q. Does the apple AirTag need to be charged?

A. Apple AirTag does not need to be charged. It has a built-in battery that lasts up to 1 year, and once it runs out, you can replace it with a new one.


The AirTag is an innovative device, which combines the features of a tracker and a tag. It has the ability to track anything with its GPS location and can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker. However, it’s still not very clear exactly how long does airtags battery last. Make sure you use the AirTag as per the directions, keep it away from extreme temperatures and it will last for a little longer than 1 year for sure.

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