How to Make Mac Run Faster

How to Make Mac Run Faster in 2022

Is your MacBook Pro running very slow and freezing? Do you want to know ‘How to make your MacBook Pro faster?’

If yes, then you have landed at the right place. We will provide you with the solution in detail. First things first, we will answer general queries related to the speed of Mac.

Why my mac is slow?

When no space is left in your Hard Drive, the speed of mac decreases. This might cause the applications you are working with to crash or even ruin the performance of your system. macOS constantly swaps memory to disk which is why this happens. Also, you might be using an app that is not compatible with your Mac. It is suggested to quit such apps. Check if a specific app is making a large demand on your Mac. If yes, then quit that app as well.

How to see what is slowing down my mac?

Activity Monitor displays the apps slowing your mac down. It is built into macOS. One can find it in Applications > Utilities. When you will open the ‘Activity Monitor’, a list of running apps and processes will appear on the screen. The list will rearrange every few seconds. After completion of this rearranging process, whatever is slowing your mac will appear at the top of the list. This will help you to figure out what is slowing down your Mac.

How do I make my Mac more powerful?

It is neither a doll’s play nor a complicated task to make your Mac powerful. We have prepared a list of tips and tricks that will ‘Make your Mac more powerful.

Tips And Tricks To Make Mac Run Faster

In most cases, lack of space is the reason for the slowing down of Mac. For that matter, we have laid more emphasis on ‘How can you free up the space of your Mac?’.

1) Check how much space is free

Check how much space is free

For your information, you need to leave 10% of your Mac’s storage empty to keep it running well. This free space helps the Mac to write and read its files quickly.

One of the solutions is to replace your hard disk with a larger capacity model but it will be filled eventually after some time. The number of photos and music can also impact the speed of your Mac, in the sense that the more the number of files, the lesser will be the space left. So you should delete the unwanted photos or files.

First, open Apple Menu using the Apple logo in the status bar.

Then click on the ‘About this Mac’.

Choose ‘Storage’. This will show all the details regarding storage.

You can click on manage to explore more storage options.

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2) Move Your Photos

You can make your MacBook run faster by moving your photos to an external device. Here are the different options that you have.

Just copy your all photos and paste them to your external hard drive or USD. This will remove the storage on your mac and make your Mac faster.

3) Empty the Trash and Downloads

Empty the Trash and Downloads

If you haven’t removed data from Recycle bin or downloads folder then you might face issues with your macOS. Here are the steps to delete data from Recycle bin.

Step 1: First click on the Apple logo in the starts bar and then click on the About the mac option.

Step 2: Click on the storage and then click on manage.

Step 3: Click Empty Trash Automatically and your all data will be removed.

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4) Remove Unwanted Widgets

Remove Unwanted Widgets

You should remove all unwanted apps and programs. If you installed any program that is not useful then just delete it.

Go to storage manager and delete the app from here.

5) Empty your Mac’s cache

Mac stores caches to make the system faster but it is making your mac slower.

Press Command+Shift+G on your desktop to open Go To Folder.

Type ~/Library/Caches/

Empty your Mac's cache

Delete everything in the folder and it’s done. Then just restart your Mac and you are good to go.

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