How To Reset Ring Doorbell 2 Easily in 2022?

What are you looking for in the search bar? By any chance is it something like how to reset ring doorbell?

Imagine you bought a ring doorbell a few days ago and failed to know how to do a ring doorbell factory reset. If that’s the reality, then don’t worry as our special focus is to let you know.

On this website, we will take you to the procedures involved in the process. Scroll down to the bottom to grasp all the required information.

Are you aware of the steps to factory reset ring doorbell 2? And how to reset ring camera?

When and why should we perform a ring doorbell factory reset?

If these are the doubts or the questions you wanted to know the answers to, then we will assist you further. This guide will take you through that process.

Firstly, what is a ring doorbell?

Ring doorbell is essentially a tool that enables noise-canceling two-way audio communication with visitors. When guests ring your doorbell or set off the built-in motion sensors, it immediately notifies you. With the help of Ring Video Doorbell’s motion-activated alerts, HD video, and two-way speak, you can answer the door from anywhere and maintain contact with your house.

Receive notifications when someone knocks on your door on your phone, tablet, and computer so you can see, hear, and interact with guests from anywhere.

Additionally, you have the option to equip the system to trigger the siren anytime your house is broken into or to do it remotely via an app to alert neighbors.

Advantages of ring doorbell 2

« See here and speak to visitors from anywhere

« total command with the ring app

« Smart security begins at the front door and is powered by an internal rechargeable battery.

But there’s a lot more to it than that.  We are here to help you solve a problem you are facing. We combine and made a brief note on resetting ring doorbell. Resetting the ring doorbell is quite easy and doesn’t cost more than 5 minutes.

Why should we reset ring doorbell 2?

You might have known this. Resetting the device usually resolves the problem if the settings are faulty, as is the case with most electronic equipment.

There are some reasons why a ring doorbell reset is necessary. Your devices might sometimes be affected by software bugs, low battery, or wi-fi connectivity issues. These lead to low and inefficient performance of your doorbells that might end up troubling you.

 So that is when ring doorbell factory reset will come into the picture. Resetting the device might be helpful and perhaps the only solution that you are left with at times. It will help your ring doorbell work efficiently for a few more days than compares to that of not resetting. Not just that, when you find it no longer useful you can perform your ring doorbell factory reset.

What happens if we don’t reset our ring doorbell 2?

You should be aware of what can be caused to your ring doorbell 2 if you avoid resetting. If you don’t know how reset the ring doorbell there are possibilities that your doorbell work less efficiently or stop working completely. Also, if you are wishing to sell the ring doorbell without resetting it, your account may not be disconnected and it will be trouble for both you and the users.

When to reset the ring doorbell?

Though ring doorbell 2 is a very good device, like any other device it can malfunction as well. Resetting Ring Doorbell 2 is the best solution to go for when you face connectivity issues. There are some main reasons when you are supposed to perform resetting your ring doorbell.

·       Does not link up with your smartphone.

·       When your router and ring doorbell experience Wi-Fi connectivity problems

·       recurring power spikes

·       really low battery.

·       Selling, donating, or otherwise getting rid of your Ring doorbell.

How to Factory Reset Ring Doorbell 2?

It’s more convenient and requires less time and effort to factory reset your Ring doorbell. If your ring doorbell 2 isn’t functioning as it should and you’ve tried everything to fix it, or if you want to sell it or give it away, you can factory reset it to its original settings.

It’s not that there is no other option, but sometimes factory reset may be more effective comparatively. So, it’s important to remember that factory resetting your Video Doorbell will remove all of its previously saved settings, including your WIFI password.

You will need to set up your doorbell afresh from scratch after conducting a factory reset. Here is what you must do to factory reset your Ring Doorbell 2 device:

·       Install and go to the Ring app on your device. Login with your account if necessary.

·       Nextly, you will be able to see a list of devices from which you have to select the Ring Doorbell 2 device.

·       After you’ve selected the device, press the settings icon on the upper right edge of the screen.

·       Choose the Remove Device option from the drop-down menu displayed.

·       On the dialogue window that appears, confirm by clicking on the Delete option.

·       You can set up the Ring Doorbell 2 the same way you did when you first started using it from your phone after you’ve successfully deleted it from your app.

How to Hard Reset your Ring Doorbell 2

If you’re still facing the problem or are not able to access the Ring app even after the factory reset, resetting the Ring doorbell is what you should be doing.

In order to reset your Ring doorbell, follow the below mentioned steps:-

·       Ensure that your Ring doorbell is charged fully before you start resetting.

·       Grab a ring screwdriver and just remove the screws on the bottom of the ring doorbell 2 mount.

·        Once we get that off, next with the screwdriver try to pull off the mount.

·       Seize hold of these screws. Your doorbell’s face mount is now unlocked.

·       By hand, gently pull it away from the doorbell.

·       A black button should be visible in front of the camera. This button resets the device.

·       Hold down the black button for 15 seconds to do a hard reset.

·       After releasing it, the light on the front in the shape of a circular ring will flash a few times indicating that your Ring Video Doorbell 2 is restarting.

·        This should start blinking blue for 30 seconds and then it will go white solid.

·       The light goes off when the reset is complete.

·       After giving it about a minute to finish up, restart it in setup mode by quickly pushing the black button on the front.

·       Try pressing and holding the Reset button for a few more seconds if you don’t notice any flashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

To provide you with more clarity and get rid of the doubts, we have come up with answers to some of the frequently asked questions. Have a look.

Q. Where is the hard reset button on Ring Doorbell 2?

A. If you try to perform a ring doorbell reset and can’t find the button to press for 15 seconds, that’s troublesome. So, this is how it’s done.

A button on the existing Ring doorbell can be used to reset it. Using a screwdriver or other tool, gently remove the safety screws holding the faceplate to your device. Put two fingers on the mount and pull the doorbell straight back to dislodge the magnet binding the faceplate to the doorbell and the doorbell to the mount.

On the front of the doorbell, directly beneath the camera, is where you’ll find the setup button. This button on the Ring 2 will always be found on the doorbell’s front.

Q. How do you reset a Ring Doorbell?

A. Resetting ring doorbell is as easy as it sounds. All you need is a 5-minute time to perform this activity

« Firstly, try opening the mount of the ring doorbell by loosening the screws.

« Next, open the mount and find an orange or black button.

« Press the button for nearly 20 seconds and leave.

« The light starts flashing and then stops after a while.

« You are now successfully done resetting.

Q. How do I reconnect my Ring Video Doorbell 2?

A. After you complete resetting the ring doorbell your immediate question is how to reconnect the ring video doorbell? We have also come up with that. Following are the steps to reconnect your video doorbell or security camera to your WIFI network in the Ring App:

·   On the upper left hamburger, tap the three lines.

·   Tap on devices.

·   Choose the doorbell or security camera you want to reconnect to Wi-Fi, here it is a ring doorbell.

·   the Device Dashboard should appear next.

·   Select “Device Health”

·   Tap on Change Wi-Fi Network or Reconnect to Wi-Fi.

·   You are now successfully reconnected.

·   If you fail to do so, try to repeat the process or reset and then repeat.

Q. How do I reset my Ring Doorbell 2 after charging?

A. We can reset the ring doorbell even after charging it. If you would like to know how here we have mentioned some steps.

·   Please put any one of these batteries in the doorbell.

·   Remove the lower screws of the ring doorbell using the screwdriver that came along with the doorbell or any screwdriver.

·   Now try to remove the upper mount of the doorbell where you can see a flashlight and a button that can be used to set up or reset your doorbell.

·   try pressing and holding down the setup button for 30 seconds.

·   This will perform a soft reset of the device and hopefully come back on.

Q. Do I have to reset my Ring Doorbell after charging the battery?

A. After charging the device’s six-month battery, you may occasionally need to reset the Ring Doorbell 2. You need to conduct a hard reset if your Ring Video Doorbell 2 is completely charged but the light doesn’t start spinning when you press the black button.


One of the smart home’s biggest stars is Ring, and its Video Doorbell is a popular linked device. So, you need to know how to reset the ring doorbell to let it work effectively for a few more days.

We have also discussed why and when to perform a ring doorbell factory reset along with what happens if you don’t do so. So, we hope that you clearly understand and succeed in resetting the ring doorbell.

If you found our information helpful to you, we will cherish it and request you to keep coming back often for regular updates.

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