How To Set A Braeburn Thermostat Quickly?

Braeburn Systems is a popular rowing brand in the world of control manufacturing. They are working towards creating specialized humidity controls and thermostats, followed by several other accessories that are meant to be installed by professional contractors. Based in Montgomery, Illinois, the company works on warehousing its products right from this headquarters. One of these products, of course, is their thermostats and hence it is important to know how to set a Braeburn thermostat. 

Delving further into the details about these thermostats, we will be discussing how to set a Braeburn thermostat quickly. Let us begin with understanding these thermostats.

What Are Braeburn Thermostats?

Before learning the process of setting a Braeburn thermostat, we need to be aware of certain features and specifications of this device. It comes in certain types and specifications, listed as follows:

  • The BlueLink Wi-Fi and wireless options come as sensors and heat or cold changes that can work upon a Wi-Fi connection with no need for a wired connection to a socket.
  • Braeburn sells a thermostat control with an easy-to-access touch screen format.
  • There are also programmable and non-programmable options in these thermostats.
  • Some thermostats do not have an LCD screen display and are purely mechanical in their format.
  • These thermostats have several supporting accessories that one can buy as an important accompaniment. 

Some users may find the pre-programmed Braeburn thermostat settings quite inadequate and may want to do something about it; such as changing them into settings they are more satisfied with. Hence, let us move forward to the process involved in setting up and programming a Braeburn thermostat.

Process Of Setting Up Braeburn Thermostat

To begin with, the users can identify the model number of a particular Braeburn thermostat and then look for its manual in the directory provided by Braeburn; this can also help the users while they contact the customer care helpline regarding any issues they may have regarding the thermostat. The model number is often found at the back of the thermostat.

To set your Braeburn thermostat, you will have to go through the following steps-

  • Click on the date and time button on the thermostat and update it to the latest date and time.
  • Click on the fan button and set it to a fan setting as desirable to you. You may leave it on permanently or set a timer for that purpose. 

These steps set up the thermostat to basic functioning. For further adjustments in heating and cooling, users have to program the system.

Process Of Programming The Braeburn Thermostat

You will have to follow the given steps for programming Braeburn thermostat, which is not that hard of a process:

  • Click on the program button on the thermostat
  • Press the system button which will lead you to the temperature setting.
  • Enter the temperature setting required by you, depending on the time of the day. The arrow buttons will help you in the navigation.
  • Choose a mode to set for when no one is home by pressing the program button.
  • You will be taken to the temperature setting.
  • Set the desired temperature.
  • Click on return to save the program.

Process Of Resetting The Braeburn Thermostat

Additionally, there is also the option of resetting the Braeburn thermostat, if need be. This need may be felt when your thermostat is failing to accommodate a set program or is malfunctioning. The steps to doing so are as follows-

  • There are heat and cold options, choose either of them.
  • From the temperature settings, choose a temperature that is about three to four degrees higher (or lower) than the temperature outside.
  •  Now turn the thermostat off.
  • The system will stop running.
  • Click on the reset button.

Additional Measures

It is quite a hassle for people to constantly program the thermostat system. It is important to make some generalized program logs according to the needs of those in the house to prevent this hassle. Some of them are listed below-

  • Making a “before you leave your house” setting where you turn off the air conditioning a couple of dozen minutes before you leave the house.
  • Making a “before returning to the house” setting where you turn on the air conditioning before around 20 minutes returning home.
  • Making a “before sleep” program that adjusts the heat or cold according to your needs before you go to bed.
  • Making a “before waking up” program that effectively cools the room a while before you wake up.
  • A Wi-Fi-enabled Braeburn thermostat is easier to control from around the house.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How do I adjust the temperature on my Braeburn thermostat?

A. Program button> system> temperature settings> enter temperature> choose mode> press program> set desired temperature> click return to save.

2. What does the hold button do on a Braeburn thermostat?

A. The hold button enables extended hold, clears extended hold or temporary override.

3. How do I turn off the schedule on my Braeburn thermostat?

A. you can turn off the schedule on a Braeburn thermostat by resetting the thermostat.

4. How do you reset a Braeburn thermostat?

A. There is a little reset button in a small hole, which can be reached through a pin or a paperclip.


The Braeburn thermostats are versatile when it comes to programming and setting options. Users can use them to program desirable temperature settings into them and assign them to different times of the day. The thermostat is thus very cost-effective. These settings make the device very convenient and easy to use for customers. 

However, as seen through this article, even this easy-to-use thermostat may have its errors sometimes. Moreover, some users may just be confused over the process they must take up to reset, program, or set up the system. This article has tried to resolve that by providing an effective guide as to how to set a Braeburn thermostat. However, if the issues persist, it is recommended to reach out to the customer care of the Braeburn enterprises. 

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