How to Setup Homekit on Roku

How to Setup Homekit on Roku – Complete Guide

We all know how important it has become to keep our home safe from all kinds of threats, especially when we are not around. This constant urge of humanity has pushed people to discover things that will protect your home even when you are not around. Homekit is one such software framework designed by Apple, which makes users configure, communicate and control their smart-home devices. There are Homekit sensors and control devices.

Similarly, Roku is a small square device for your TV, which is used to watch movies and TV shows through the different apps available.

The interesting part comes here: did you know you can set up Homekit on Roku? If you know you can, but still do not know the ways to do it, then go on and follow the article! And, if it is new information for you, then you are welcome!

But before learning how to tag your Homekit with Roku or any other device, let us first learn how to set up Homekit.

How to Setup Homekit?

To add an accessory to your Home app, you need to use your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, and please note that this is not supported in Mac. Before you get ready to set up your accessory, check that:

  • Your accessory is powered on and nearby.
  • The accessory’s manual to see if it needs additional hardware support for the Homekit to work.

Then follow the steps:

  • Open the Home app and tap to add Accessory.
  • Use your camera of your iPhone, iPad or iPod to can the 8 digit code of the Homekit or the QR code on the accessory.

Note: If you have an iPhone 7 or later models, hold your phone near the accessory to add it.

  • When the accessory appears, tap it. If it asks the accessory to ‘Add to Network’, then allow it.
  • Name your accessory and assign it to a room, which will help you to identify in the Homekit app and you will get it controlled by Siri.
  • Tap Next, and then Done.

Your Homekit is now ready to start operation, and you can control it even when you are not at home!

How to Setup Homekit on Roku?

To setup Homekit on Roku, you first need to add the Roku device to your Home app.

To do so, follow the steps:

  • Press Home on your Roku remote.
  • Select Settings by scrolling down.
  • Select Apple AirPlay and Homekit.
  • Select the ‘Homekit’ option.
  • Select Set Up.
  • Use the camera on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to scan the 8 digit code available on your Homekit TV screen.
  • Follow the instructions given in your Apple device to add a Roku device to the Home app and complete the entire process.

How to Add Roku Player to Apple Homekit?

Roku has started to support Apple AirPlay. You can now add a Roku device to Apple Homekit and use Roku like Apple TV!

To add Roku player to Apple Homekit, follow the steps:

  • Turn on the TV before you start the process.
  • Open the Homekit app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on ‘Add Accessory’.
  • Select the option ‘I cannot scan code or I do not have a code’ and let Homekit scan for the network devices.
  • Tap on the Roku from the popup menu.
  • Wait till your TV open the Roku app and set up the code.
  • Enter the same code on your Homekit screen.
  • Select the room where Roku TV is connected, and follow the further steps shown to add Roku to your Homekit.

After completing all the steps to setup Homekit, you will see that Roku has started appearing on your Homekit app.

With this new setup on Homekit on Roku and its integration, you can stream from your Apple devices and control the content with your Apple AirPlay and Homekit. You can now enjoy Apple music and Apple TV shows on the big screen with Roku Stick!

How to use Apple Airplay 2 and Homekit on Roku TVs?

Apple Airplay 2 lets you control, stream, and share content from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, which is compatible with Roku TVs. Apple Homekit allows you to use and control Siri in a secure way.

To use and setup Homekit on Roku TV or Apple Airplay 2 on Roku TV, follow the steps given below to have it installed in a hassle-free manner:

  • Press ‘Home’ on your Roku remote.
  • Select ‘Settings’.
  • Select ‘System’ and then ‘Power’.
  • Select ‘Fast TV start’ (Roku TV).
  • Your Roku TV will start processing, tapped with Homekit and Apple Airplay 2.

Note: if your Roku TV is showing that the Apple Airplay 2 is not connected, go to ‘Settings’. Next, go to the option of ‘Apple Airplay and Homekit’ and make sure that your Airplay is turned ON.

Connecting your Roku TV and other devices to Homekit will make it easier for you to have control over your home devices. It will give you the ease of controlling them right from anywhere! So, without any second thoughts, follow this guide and setup Homekit on Roku!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Apple AirPlay work on Roku?

Yes, Apple AirPlay does work on Roku. You have to install or add the app to the Roku device. In case your Roku device shows that Airplay is not connected, go to Settings and turn ON the ‘Airplay and Homekit’ option.

Can Siri turn on my Roku device?

Apple Homekit provides an easy and secure way for you to use Siri and control the Home apps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices, which are Roku compatible devices. Once connected with Siri, it can turn on or off your Roku device and follow other orders as well.

Is Roku Homekit compatible?

Yes, Roku is not just Homekit compatible, but it is Apple compatible. Once connected to your Home apps, you can stream, share content and even cast your phone or tab’s screen on your Roku TV and enjoy the big screen from the comfort of your couch! Since Homekit is an Apple software, it is Roku compatible.

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