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5 MacBook Pro Problems You Might be Facing Often

 Is your MacBook Pro giving you problems lately? Many times, these 5 MacBook Pro problems you might be facing seem to reoccur. But do not worry, these problems are very common and almost happen to all of us MacBook Pro users.

Some minor things could be going wrong in your process of handling your device, and this could possibly be the reason for your persisting problems. This guide will help you through 5 of the most common and frequent problems MacBook Pro users face. You’ll be through all your pesky problems, just follow this list.

5 MacBook Pro Problems You Might be Facing Often and How to Solve Them

Here is a step by step guide to fix major Macbook problems.

Problems while starting your MacBook Pro

If your MacBook Pro is stuck on the loading screen for way too long or if you’ve been staring at that grey screen more than your desktop screen, then here is your solution.

Problems while starting your MacBook

To prevent this problem from recurring, you can try booting your MacBook Pro in Safe Mode. The Safe Mode is better because MacOS boots with the bare minimum of software and applications required for functioning properly. It also runs a check on your startup disk and repairs any directory issues that might be causing delays or problems in booting.

To start the process, you will need to start your Mac the normal way and long-press the ‘Shift’ key.

You will see the Apple logo and the login screen open up.

Release the Shift key once the login screen appears. This will take quite some time as the system runs the check on your hard disk.

You can also leave the Safe Mode. This can be done just by starting your MacBook Pro the usual way, without pressing any keys.

MacBook Pro starts dying in the middle of work

If your battery runs out and the system shuts down randomly while you’re in the middle of important work, then this might be your problem.

For starters, you might want to check if your device is properly charging up or not. If you find nothing wrong with the charging problems, then you can try other methods.

Try restarting your Macbook Pro by long-pressing the power button for 20 seconds and waiting for the operating system to do its work. Once your system restarts successfully, restart your MacBook Pro again for it to open properly.

If doing it doesn’t solve your problem, you can also try resetting your System Management Controller (SMC). It basically controls the majority of hardware processes in macOS and can rectify many issues such as battery problems, sleep mode issues etc.

If none of the above methods helps, then you should take your MacBook Pro to the Apple Service Centre. You’ll be able to acquire a replacement based on your warranty terms.

Constant Flickering

If you are facing a constant screen flickering problem, then the solutions mentioned below might be best for you.

Constant Flickering

This problem attains first place on the list of the most annoying problems ever and might be caused due to unsuccessful booting. The oldest trick in the book for this problem is to just restart your system.

If you think some software is causing this problem, then you can restart the particular software from the Apple menu available at the top left corner of the Mac screen.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, you can try updating your system to the latest version of macOS or switch off automatic graphics switching to ensure lesser power consumption.

You can also reset PRAM and NVRAM to put an end to your problems. Sometimes, disabling Firefox or Chromium on your device also helps.

If none of the above methods works then you can attempt to fix your problems in Safe Mode.

Incompatible items while starting up

Many times, you may have problems while booting and starting your MacBook Probecause of your autostart or login apps, that is, the apps that start by themselves after opening your device are incompatible with your system. It requires a bit of tinkering around to find the particular app responsible for this problem.

The process of finding out the responsible app is quite lengthy and you may have to remove them one at a time and restart to find out which of them is causing the problem.

To make the changes, go to System Preferences followed by Users & Groups and click on your name present on the left under Current User.

To proceed, click on the Login Items tab above the window present to the right.

Highlight an app to select and then click the “-” sign that appears below. You will find that it gets removed from the Login Items list.

Now you can reboot your MacBook Pro to check if the problem persists. If not, repeat the same steps until you find the responsible app.

Similarly, you can also add items back to the Startup Items list by clicking on the “+” button and selecting items from your Applications folder.

Once you find the pesky app, keep it removed to get rid of this problem.

Unresponsive applications

Occasionally, you may find that certain applications freeze up while running on your MacBook Pro. This may be caused by a variety of reasons. You must ensure at all times that you have enough space on your hard disk for apps to function properly.

Unresponsive applications macbook

Conduct checks from time to time to find out which applications and files you don’t need and remove them from your system to free up more space.

Other than this, if your application stops responding without letting you close it or perform any other function, you can Force Quit the particular app.

All you have to do is access the Force Quit menu from the Apple icon or try pressing down Command-Option-Escape. Just select the app that is unresponsive and click on the Force Quit button to exit the app immediately.

Conclusion: We’ve tried to tackle the 5 MacBook Pro Problems You Might be Facing Often through this guide. You can easily put an end to all the problems mentioned above by just following the guide. For any additional problems, contact Apple at

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