How to Fix Nest Camera Flashing Blue Light Issue

How to Fix Nest Camera Flashing Blue Light Issue

Google has launched its smart home security systems. The Nest camera is a part of Google’s security system that allows homeowners to monitor their property and home security.

It is very simple to install Google’s Nest camera in your home. But many Nest camera owners have reported issues with the device recently. One of the most popular issues is blinking light. Note that the blinking light is an indicator of some issue with the Nest camera.

Why Is My Nest Camera Blinking Blue?

In my research, I found that this Nest Camera Blinking Blue light is not a very serious issue. A blinking blue light indicator on the Nest camera shows a firmware update.

Sometimes it will blink with blue light after restarting because it lost power.

The blinking blue light also means that your Nest doorbell is booting up or restarting.

What Do the Light Colors Mean on Nest Camera?

Google’s Nest camera has somany light indicators that allow users to understand what is going on in the Nest camera system.

Solid Green

You will see a solid green light on the Nest camera when everything is normal and it is turned ON.

Green light shows that your camera is connected to Wi-Fi, and capturing images.

Pulsing Green

If you see pulsing green light then it means live camera action is being used. It means that one other user is watching the live feed.


The yellow color means shows an issue with the wattage used by the Nest camera.

If you have used 3rd party power adapters then you will see Yello light.

No Status Light

You will see no light when,

  • Your camera is turned off
  • No power
  • Failed to update its software

How to Fix Nest Camera Flashing Blue Light Issue

There are multiple working methods to fix this Nest camera Blue light issue.

Method 1: Check Your Internet

As mentioned, blue light is an indication of slow internet or no internet. Nest Camera will upload all the recordings to the cloud storage. If your Internet is not working or disconnecting again and again then you will see a blue blinking light.

Contact your ISP if your Internet is down.

Method 2: Check Nest Services

Sometimes the internet is working fine but the issue is with the Next camera. The servers are down due to maintenance or service outages. This is the main reason why you can’t connect to the Nest services and see a blue blinking light.

Method 3: Reposition Your Router

Make sure that your Nest camera is in the range of your router. If your Nest camera is unable to get proper signals from the router then move your router near to your Google Nest camera.

Method 4: Restart The Camera

Restart The Camera

Try to restart or reboot your nest camera. A simple restart will restart all Nest services and fix the issue.

To do this:

  1. Unplug the router once it is turned off.
  2. Now, wait 30-45 seconds and again Turn the router on.
  3. Once powered ON, the Nest camera will start blinking blue and stop blue light in 2 minutes if it is connected.

Method 5: Contact Nest

If you’re still facing the same blue light issue on Google Nest then try to contact Nest.


What does flashing blue light on Nest Cam mean?

On Nest Cams, the flashing blue light is just an indicator, not an alarm. There are several possible causes, but the most common is a simple camera problem.

What does Nest blue light mean?

It means the Internet is not available or updating process.

What do the light colors mean on Nest camera?

Light colors shows errors in the nest camera.

Can you tell when someone is watching on Nest?

If the Pulsing Green light is blinking it means someone is watching the feed.

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