Panasonic TV Red Light Blinking: How to Quickly Fix It?

Panasonic is one of the most widely known brands for home entertainment needs. They have been delivering quality electronic goods long before the advent of the smart TV, as a result of which they have managed to build a reputation for themselves as being technologically advanced. 

However, this does not mean that their range of TVs will never act up on you, and it can be frustrating when struggling to find a solution. In this article, we will be covering the various reasons behind Panasonic tv red light blinking and its solutions.

Why is Your Panasonic TV Red Light Blinking?

Whenever the phenomenon of Panasonic TV red light flashing occurs, it can mean different things depending on the number of times it flashes. Counting the flashing lights can only tell you which component has issues but not how it was triggered. The number of blinks along with their respective issues is mentioned below:

  • One blink of the power LED indicates an issue with the inverter circuit located on the LCD panel. Therefore, a replacement will be needed.
  • Three blinks of the power LED indicates an over-current or over-voltage situation in one of the DC supplies of the AP board. Since the AP board is repairable, an ohmmeter and peak-hold-voltmeter can be used to determine the cause of the shutdown. A short circuit in the AP board, A board, or the LCD panel may have caused the over-current condition.
  • When the red light on the Panasonic TV blinks seven times, there is a problem with one of the A board-produced MAIN +3.3V, MAIN +5V, or MAIN +9V sources.
  • The power LED will blink four to six times due to some issue on the AP board. The AP board produces the DTV9V and SUB 5V sources. When the device is connected to AC Power, the MPU IC1100 keeps an eye out for its presence.
  • A short circuit in the unit’s audio output circuit(s) is indicated by nine blinks of the power LED. On the A board is where the audio output circuit is placed. Make a replacement if the speakers are broken. Replace the A board if all is well.
  • Ten blinks of the power LED to indicate a malfunction of the frame converter (IC4200). This IC resides on the A board, and in this case, requires a replacement of the A board.

How to Fix Panasonic TV Red Light Blinking

1. Check the Ventilation and Cables

Your Panasonic TV won’t turn on blinking red light if it does not receive enough power from your wall adapter, causing the red light to start blinking. Clean the ports and the cables of any dust that might have settled, but do not use water because it can cause a short circuit. Replace your cables if they are not in proper working order.

If your Panasonic TV can’t draw enough air in to cool itself, it becomes quite prone to overheating. When this happens, you can experience performance issues. To avoid this, always put the TV where it gets proper ventilation.

2. Restart the TV

Restarting your TV cycles the power in it, which can allow it to clear any corrupted memory. When restarting your TV, wait for at least 1-2 minutes before plugging it back in. If the TV turns on without the red light blinking, you have managed to fix the issue.

3. Remote Control Functionality

If there is a fault in the remote sensors and it fails to send a proper signal to the TV, the TV won’t be able to execute the function, and may even cause the red light on the TV to flash. You can try replacing the batteries in your remote to see if the Panasonic plasma tv red light blinking issue gets fixed.

4. Contact the Panasonic Support Team

If none of the above-mentioned fixes worked for you, it most likely means that there is something wrong with the backend. Contact Panasonic’s customer support and brief them about your issue. They can either share extra troubleshooting tips or dispatch a technician to assist you to take care of anything that needs repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How do I reset my Panasonic TV that won’t turn on?

Ans: You can reach out to Panasonic’s customer care if nothing works for you. They will either solve your issue by directing some troubleshooting or send a technician for review.

Q2 Why is my Panasonic TV blinking red and not turning on?

Ans: The red light blinking on your Panasonic TV means that there is some issue happening with the device, which can be found depending on the number of times the light flashes.

Q3 How do I force my Panasonic TV to reset?

Ans: press the tab of settings (or action menu) and go to select system. Choose the ‘about’ tab and press on reset. Choose Factory data reset and press on the option of Erase everything. Confirm and reset the Panasonic TV.


Replacing the minor components like capacitors, cables, fuses, etc., of your Panasonic TV does not cost you high. However, if some major component like a blacklight or circuit board has expired, its replacement can cause you a hefty price. We recommend you analyze the defect in your TV and then get information about the estimated cost for repair for the issue of the Panasonic tv red light blinking. If your TV is too old and its repair is expensive, then you should go for a new TV.

Bonus: If you’re facing a similar red light in Spectrum router, check out this article.

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