Complete Guide To Programming Xfinity Remote Easily

Xfinity is an American telecommunications company that provides cable, internet and home phone services to customers. It has been around for more than a century and it has been providing its services to millions of people across the world.

The Xfinity remote control can be programmed to work with your TV. If you are having trouble with the setup, follow the instructions below.

The first thing you need to do is pair your remote with the television. This ensures that it will be able to control the TV and not another device, like a DVD player or gaming console. If you have a Comcast box or any other type of cable box connected to your TV, make sure it’s powered on before proceeding.

If your television has more than one input port (HDMI, VGA and so on) then make sure that you use the same port for both devices when pairing them together.

Method 2 – How to Program Xfinity Remote Into Your TV

You can program your Xfinity remote into your TV using Method 2.

  • Press the “Setup” button on the Xfinity remote control.
  • Press the “TV” button to select a type of television you have.
  • Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate through all of your available options until you find one that matches yours. If you don’t see anything that resembles what you’re looking for, try pressing “Device Type” until it shows up as something like “HDTV”, “LCD”, or whatever else might apply to your television set.
  • Press “Mode” once to change modes from TV input mode (where only channels are displayed) to “DVD, VCR or Cable Box” input mode (where each device has its own source). If this doesn’t work, try pressing it twice instead of once! You should now be able to see an image on screen again after doing so; if not then check out my other suggestions below before moving onto another method entirely!

Step 1 – Test the Comcast Remote Control’s Functionality

  • Test the Comcast remote’s functionality.
  • Turn on your television, press buttons on the remote to make sure they work.
  • Press buttons for devices you want to control, such as “Watch TV” or “On Demand.”
  • Press buttons for functions like changing channels, volume control and more.

Step 2- Press the Setup button

Pressing the Setup button on your remote will bring up a menu with four options:

  • Language
  • TV Settings
  • Kids Zone Settings (if applicable)
  • Other Devices

Step 3 – Scanning for codes and testing functionality

Once you’ve selected your brand, you can scan for the proper code. First, press the setup button on your remote. Then press the TV button and wait until it beeps. After this has happened, simply use your arrow keys to navigate through each code until you find one that works (you’ll know when it does!). If none of them do, try another brand or model of remote until one works!

Now for testing functionality: Pressing the ok button at any time will activate a test mode for that individual device. If this is successful but not functional in normal settings (like turning on) then there may be an issue with your remote’s battery being low or needing replacement!

Step 4 – Save the code inside your device’s memory

Once you’ve followed these steps, you should get a confirmation on your screen that the code is saved. Now, press the “Save” button to confirm and store it in your device’s memory. Do this by pressing the “Power” button again and then two more times after that (for three presses total). After you’ve done this, press “Exit” and then press “Back” two times to get back to the main menu screen of your remote control. Once there, press any button on your remote control except for one from step 2 or 3 (or else you’ll accidentally delete an existing code).

Method 3 – Manual Device Code Entry Method

If your TV is not listed above but has a remote that does not have any buttons for HDMI input, you will need to manually enter the device codes for your TV.

To do this:

Press and hold the setup button until all lights are flashing (about five seconds). Next, press the TV button on your universal remote control and release it. Press 5 on your universal remote simultaneously with either volume up or down on your XFINITY® Remote Control. This should bring up “TV” in green letters at the bottom of the screen with a number next to it. If there are multiple numbers here, write down all of them as they could be needed later on if you want to program another component into this same device category (more common with gaming consoles).

Step 1 – Turn on the “TV mode”

  • Put on the “TV” mode on your remote control by using the toggle switch in the upper left corner. Next, press the “Setup” button.
  • You will have to press the “Setup” button on your remote control.
  • Press the “TV” button from there.
  • Press either of the arrow buttons (Up or Down) so that they are facing downwards, and then use them to scroll through all of the channels that are available on your cable system.


After all the steps are finished, your TV should be able to turn on and off with the Xfinity remote control. If for some reason it does not, then you may have missed a step. To fix this problem, simply repeat all the steps again until the issue is resolved.

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