Ring Chime Vs Chime Pro – Full Comparison

Confused between Chime and Chime Pro? Stay tuned for a detailed ring chime vs chime pro comparison guide that will make it easier for you to pick the right one.

Fueled by the explosion of the internet,  the craze of turning the house into a Smart Home is gaining momentum. People are replacing conventional home appliances with more advanced ones that can be operated in one way or another through the internet. Smart switches, smart LEDs, and Video doorbells are a few examples of popular smart devices these days.

The smart doorbells connect to your internet and sense the movement as someone approaches near and notify you. Some doorbells come with an inbuilt camera to make things even more exciting where you can also have a peek at the individual approaching the door.

But a doorbell works better with the Chime, an Amazon-exclusive product. It’s a wireless device that notifies you about any movement around your doorbell devices including the video camera. It can also be used to extend the wireless range of your ring devices. 

Recently Amazon has released Chime Pro, an advanced version of the basic Ring Chime.

If you are planning to buy a smart chime for your doorbell and are stuck between these 2, I am going to walk you through each and their respective features. I will also discuss the primary differences between the two. 

Let’s get going:

Ring Chime Vs Chime Pro: Key Differences

Chime and Chime Pro are the wireless devices offered by Amazon’s own popular doorbell brand Ring. They can fit into any conventional 3 -pin socket and work as a smart notifier that lets you hear all the notifications triggered by your Ring devices such as Doorbell, smart cam, and so on. 

However, the Chime Pro, a more advanced version of Chime, comes with a couple of extra functionalities. 

Chime Pro features an alert amplifier that extends the sound intensity resulting in a more effective notification alert around your house. Additionally Chime pro supports 5GHz Wi-Fi which is faster than 2.4GHz meaning the lowest delay between the door activity and the notifications. 

Chime Pro also allows you to increase the coverage of your Ring network (up to 2000 sq. ft). 

Chime Pro is more suitable for bigger residences with multiple floors. It provides stronger network coverage as well as better notification that can be heard from any corner of your house. 

Ring Chime Vs Ring Chime Pro: An Overview

Let’s talk about each one in detail:

Ring Chime (2nd Generation)

As I previously stated, both Chime and Chime Pro are wireless doorbell chime devices by RIng, A popular Amazon brand. 

Chime is the basic model that comes with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi support and lets you hear the notifications every time your Ring doorbell or camera detects any motion whether it’s the delivery guy, your pet, or even some unusual physical activity. 

The Chime can be installed in a few minutes with the help of the installation guide. All you need to do is plug it in any standard 3-pin power socket. It automatically creates its network and you can connect it to your Ring devices (Camera, Doorbell, video doorbell) using the Ring application on your smartphone.

Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of ringtones and adjust the volume as per your convenience. In case you don’t want any disturbance, you can snooze all the notifications for any time duration.


  • Easy to install. Simply Plug and connect it to Wi-Fi
  • 2.4GHz wireless connectivity
  • Adjust the volume through Ring smart app.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode
  • A collection of classical and seasonal alert ringtones
  • LED Indicator

Ring Chime Pro

Ring has released an updated version of Chime, the Pro model that addresses the issues that some users had with the 2nd Gen model.

In terms of basic functionality and installation, Chime Pro works exactly the same as Chime. There is simply plug-in installation and setup without any technical expertise required. Similarly, you can adjust the alert volume, turn on DND mode, and change the ringtones from the Ring app. 

The biggest advantage Chime Pro has over Chime is its 5GHz Wi-Fi support. Due to the extended wireless connectivity, it can be used to strengthen the Wi-Fi coverage of your Ring doorbells, security cameras, or Doorbell cameras.

So if you are living in a big house where you spend most of the time in a distant part, the Chime pro worlds as a perfect bridge between your Wireless router and ring devices installed at your door.

Additionally, there is sound amplification that produces a louder and better quality sound, again, better for the bigger premises. So no matter where you are in your house, you will never miss any notification regarding the activities happening at your doorbell. 


  • 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Sound amplification for enhanced ringtones
  • Alert snooze option
  • Extended
  • network range for your Ring devices
  • Perfect for bigger and multi-floor houses
  • In-built nightlight LED

Ring Chime Vs Chime Pro: Product Specifications

Ring ChimeChime Pro
Size3.06 x 2.44 x 0.98 In4.06 x 2.72 x 1.00 In
Wi-Fi Connectivity2.4GHz2.4GHz, 5GHz
Nightlight (Lamp)X
LED Indicator
Ringtones, DND
Warranty1 Year1 Year

Chime Vs Chime Pro: Which one is A Better Deal?

Now the question is, which one should you go with? 

As I mentioned earlier, the Chime Pro offers coverage expansion and sound amplification. Meaning it is a better option for you if you own a large property. 

Also, there are a couple of disadvantages of the Pro model. The nightlight is fully automatic and there is no way to turn if off which may throw some people off. Also, it will cost you $20-25 more than Chime. So if you don’t have a big space, it’s smarter to go with the Chime rather than the Pro version. 

Chime, on the other hand, is the basic model that comes with just necessary doorbell alert functionalities such as notification alert, DND mode, and various alert tones. Although the 2.4GHz is slower than 5GHZ, it covers a wider area, meaning you can place your router far from the door and it will still connect. But, don’t confuse it with the Ring network. That’s a totally different story. 

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