Ring Doorbell Not Charging: How to Quickly Fix It?

Ring Doorbells work in two ways, by informing you when someone is on your front porch and the video camera to see if that someone is a person you’re expecting or not. The camera also acts as your security camera when you’re away, live-streaming the people at your front door. The common issue of your ring doorbell not charging may be because of one of the following reasons: 

  • No or frequent loss of Wi-Fi connection
  • The doorbell shuts down regularly
  • Low voltage power supply
  • Device health goes down when Night Vision gets on at night
  • The internal doorbell chime not ringing properly
  • A problem with the Night vision feature
  • Freezing during any live event

How to Fix Ring Doorbell Not Charging Issue

1. Refresh the Doorbell App’s Battery Status

You may find while charging the device that the doorbell ring app on your phone shows that its battery is low, creating a false guise that your ring battery is not holding charge. In such circumstances, simply ring the doorbell a few times. This will refresh the app, and the battery should now be restored to its original state – hopefully fixing the issue when your ring doorbell won’t charge.

2. Check your Ring Doorbell’s Wi-Fi Connection

Your Ring Doorbell is reliant on Wi-Fi to communicate with your smartphone application. A weak or unstable signal causes your doorbell to struggle to establish a connection with the app, and thus shows incorrect battery status. To fix this, you can try moving the router closer to your doorbell to offer a strong signal, and setting up the connection on your Ring Doorbell again.  

Your Ring Doorbell will constantly search to find a signal, which causes your battery to drain faster and give the impression that your device is not charging.

3. Ensure that the Ring Charger is working

There may be no problem with your Ring Doorbell, but its charger is creating a problem for the problem of ring battery not charging. The charger that you use should have enough power to charge your smart doorbell battery.

A 2.1A charger can fully charge your Ring Doorbell’s battery in approximately 5 to 6 hours.

But if you’re using a less powerful charger to charge your battery, it will take much longer to finish charging and may not even charge the battery completely. In such a case, you’d have to change your charger or charge it with an alternative device, like a computer or power bank.

4. Check your Ring Doorbell’s Battery

Your Ring Doorbell’s battery’s ability to maintain a charge may have been decreased. This is most likely to happen if you have stayed with the battery for a long time. The batteries last anywhere between 6 to 12 months depending upon their frequency of use.

Keeping them in high temperatures (>100°F) or very low temperatures (<-5°F) will decrease their life. Even fully discharging Lithium-ion batteries can make them go bad faster. If your battery capacity to hold a charge keeps on reducing, consider getting a new one.  

5. Check If A Circuit Breaker Has Tripped

For the issue of the ring doorbell not working after charging the battery, the circuit may have tripped. If you are using a hard-wired Ring Doorbell, you do not need to worry about charging the battery because the doorbell would be charging it automatically. Therefore, if the app keeps showing that the battery is not close to being fully charged, this might mean there’s an issue with your home circuitry.

If the power status under the Device Health section on the application does not read “Very Good” or “Good”, the power supplied might be insufficient to charge your Ring Doorbell battery, causing it to remain low.

If a breaker tripped recently, it might be the reason why your doorbell battery isn’t charging.

6. Check the Voltage from your Doorbell Transformer

If the circuit breaker works fine, you need to make sure that the wiring is done properly and then check the voltage supplied by your transformer. Typically, your doorbell’s voltage should not be lower than your transformer’s for a hardwired Ring Doorbell. If it is lower than 16V, your device may fail to charge your battery. In this case, you should consider either changing your transformer or having your doorbell at a lower voltage than your transformer.

Usually, if you have a long wire linking the doorbell and the transformer, the voltage at the doorbell may reduce. Thus, you may need to get a better transformer with a higher power output or change the wirings in your home. If you supply too high of a voltage, your Ring Doorbell could blow your transformer. 

Ring Doorbell Still Not Charging? Troubleshooting Tips

Ensure the Temperature is Optimal

Devices like Ring Doorbells do not seem to do very well in low temperatures, because battery capacity then goes down, increasing the difficulty of charging the device. Going in-depth with the issue, at 36°F, the battery doesn’t hold charge efficiently, resulting in frequent charging. At 32°F, the battery may not charge at all, even if the device is hardwired. 

At -5°F, the battery might stop working altogether, leaving the device useless. 

We recommend you bring the device inside at colder temperatures and keep it fully charged at all times by charging it and putting it back out almost daily whenever the temperature reduces. Agreeing to the fact that this is heavily inconvenient, this is the only solution to the issue. 

Your Ring Doorbell may be Faulty

After going through all the above points in vain, your last choice ends up being to contact customer service, which would help you by providing a thorough analysis of the issue. They will repair or replace your doorbell provided you have not surpassed the warranty period, which is usually one year. If the issue of the ring doorbell battery not charging persists after trying all the above-mentioned solutions, it is best to call an expert to deal with it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1 How can you tell if a Ring battery is bad?

Ans: If under the Device Health section on the application you do not read “Good” or “Very Good”, you can assume that there is an issue with your Ring battery.

Q2 How do I know my Ring Doorbell is charging?

Ans: Your Ring Doorbell will blink blue when plugged in, indicating that it is currently charging. The circle light fills up and empties to indicate battery life. When the battery is fully charged, the light turns solid blue.

Q3 How do you charge a dead Ring Doorbell?

Ans: Simply plug the ring doorbell into the charger, and if the blue light appears it is charging. If it does not appear, you can try any of the troubleshooting methods or contact a professional if nothing works.

Q4 What is the lifespan of a Ring Doorbell battery?

Ans: The batteries last anywhere between 6 to 12 months, depending on the frequency of use.

Q5 Can you replace the battery with a Ring Doorbell?

Ans: Batteries in Ring Doorbells are replaceable as well as rechargeable.


Using the above-mentioned tips, you can now systematically diagnose a problem whenever your Ring Doorbell is not charging and take care of it in no time. Hopefully, the solutions and additional troubleshooting methods talked about in this article would be enough to fix your ring doorbell not charging. If not, you should consider calling someone from customer care support for their service.

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