Does SimpliSafe Work With Homekit? Simplisafe Homekit Integration

SimpliSafe manufactures easy home security solutions and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company specializes in self-installed, wireless security devices that can be connected through and managed to a central system. It was founded in 2006 by Chad and Eleanor Laurans to provide a foolproof and safe solution for the purpose of safety; after which the company grew remarkably because of its performance in quality products. 

The services and products by SimpliSafe include SimpliCam Cameras that are a part of the security system provided by the company, Video Doorbell Pro which has an HD camera with a built-in microphone and Smart Lock that functions with a black PIN for unlocking the doors. The SimpliSafe Homekit has been named the best self-installed security system by CNET for two consecutive years. 

In this article, we shall talk about whether apple Homekit SimpliSafe works together or not and how to connect the two.

What is Homekit?

Synonymous with Apple Home, Homekit is system software that interlinks smart devices at home to work on the control of iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. All these devices can then be communicated using apple devices. It is considered a good measure to make the home safe and even more accessible. 

Homekit can support control over a vast variety of smart products ranging from kitchen appliances, fans, cameras, TVs, lamps, and even light bulbs! The integration of home devices with this smart system enables easy and wider control of homeowners over the functioning of their homes. 

Homekit can give you customizable control over these devices which will now work upon desire, automation, and timers. Specific “scenes” can also be created through Homekit, letting you add very specific commands to adhere to a certain scene. For example, a scene for the night, one for the morning, one for the evening, or one for any certain part of the day. 

Products compatible with Homekit often come with a QR code attached to them that can be connected to Homekit by scanning them through the app. Let us find out if this helpful framework can connect to work as SimpliSafe Apple Homekit.

Is SimpliSafe Compatible With Homekit?

A prominent question has been, does SimpliSafe work with Homekit? SimpliSafe is very much compatible with Homekit, with a simple bridge that is the HomeBridge Software. This bridge is what makes SimpliSafe compatible with Homekit. 

It is an easy process, and once set up, will not be required to be set up again. Once Homekit and a SimpliSafe product are installed into your house, the next step is going to be setting up HomeBridge.

What is HomeBridge?

There are certain devices and products that are not natively compatible with Homekit. This calls for a mediating service so that even these products can function with Homekit; this need is fulfilled with HomeBridge. It does not need to be bought, you simply download it. 

The program works by installing plug-ins into it which makes incompatible devices compatible with the Homekit. Upon finishing this process, these devices can easily be controlled through smartphones and computers supporting HomeBridge, over an internet connection.

How To Connect SimpliSafe With Homekit Using Hombridge?

While establishing the connection between SimpliSafe and Homebdrige might seem like a tedious task, it is not. follow this step-by-step guide to do it easily:

  • Step 1: install Homebridge on your device
  • Step 2: launch the app on your phone/computer and click on the plugin menu.
  • Step 3: look for your SimpliSafe device and connect by clicking on the installing option. Once the installation is complete and you rename the setup, restart Homebridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is SimpliSafe compatible with Homekit?

A. SimpliSafe can be made compatible with Homekit by using HomeBridge to install the required plug-in (s), even if natively compatible with Homekit.

2. How do I use SimpliSafe on Apple Watch?

A. You can download and install the SimpliSafe security app on the Apple Watch to make it work.

3. Does SimpliSafe have smart home features?

A. Yes, SimpliSafe can integrate with several smart home devices and thus has various smart home features.

4. Is SimpliSafe compatible with Nest?

A. Yes, SimpliSafe is compatible with Nest.


As it can be seen, SimpliSafe is not formally or natively compatible with Homekit. However, it can be made compatible with the helpful program HomeBridge, which works on making devices like these compatible with Homekit. It is not only an easy process while setting it up, but also easy later on when controlling such devices through HomeBridge. 

It is a go-to solution for those looking to completely make their homes smart and also make them entirely accessible through one single integrated framework. This way, all of their smart devices can be controlled and customized through one single framework, that is, SimpliSafe Homekit. Setting up a smart house has never been easier. Just link your devices and you are good to go!

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