Spectrum Internet keeps dropping? Here’s the Quick Solution

Spectrum is making high-speed, quality internet connections accessible for everyone. Not only that, the providers aim to provide secure connections while ensuring secured ones. However, users have noticed an issue where the Spectrum internet keeps dropping.

Spectrum is a leading internet provider in the US that is popular for its comparatively cheaper prices. The internet plans offered are extremely versatile as well as affordable.

The lowest speed offered in the plans is 3000 megabytes per second and the cheapest plan starts from as low as around $50!

This article aims at addressing the issue of internet dropping, followed by the respective cause and solutions for the same.

What is the Issue with Spectrum Internet Dropping?

Spectrum for the most part has been a reliable internet connection provider, but users are complaining that the connection has been dropping considerably as of late.

When internet keeps disconnecting Spectrum, people lose their internet connections for several couples of minutes at a time. The issue has hampered important tasks like work meets and gaming for the people.

Why is the Spectrum Internet Dropping?

Sometimes, routers may fail to receive signals or are simply not online – which is why Spectrum wifi keeps disconnecting. Other times, it is the device receiving the connection that may have a bug or an error.

Moreover, some users have a router different than the one provided by Spectrum, which automatically updates their software and needs no manual interference.

This may not be true for other routers and they might need manual updating. Outdated routers can also hamper internet services significantly.

However, some very basic reasons for routers to act up may be loose or damaged cables that cannot function in transmission; or a system failure on the end of the provider itself can lead to Spectrum internet goes in and out too.

Furthermore, routers and modems exposed to dust and harmful substances take up a lot of loads that result in overheating which causes device failure.

Lastly, a virus present in your system can deeply affect the overall performance of your network, interface, and functioning.

How To Fix the Issue?

The following steps are important in the process of resolving the Spectrum internet not working problem:

1. Rebooting Router and Modem

You may unplug the router and the modem (remove its batteries too). Wait for at least a minute before you plug back in the modem.

Once it powers on entirely, plug back the router as well. Wait for it to have completely started as well. You may now try connecting to the internet. Open a browser to see if the connection is running well or not.

In case you have a gateway, you need to take its plug out from the power outlet. Wait for a little over a minute before plugging it back. Wait until it powers up completely and connects to the internet. See if the internet connection is running well.

2. Check if there are any Router Firmware Updates available

In case you do use a router different from the one Spectrum provides, you may need to look for available Firmware Updates on it.

Type “” in the address bar and enter the username and password as directed on the router itself or a manual. Click the Firmware Update section and visit the website of the router manufacturer.

Look up the router model to find the firmware update files. Save, download and extract the ZIP file. Now click on update and choose this decompressed file.

The update will begin. Wait for it to finish and for the router to restart to check if the internet connection is working well.

3. Check the cable connections

The most basic step to undertake is to how well connected your cables are. We rarely realize if the cables have somehow weakened until much later.

It is important to make sure the wires are all in place and are undamaged while you are troubleshooting this issue.

4. Keep the router and modem clean

Dust particles or any destructive elements in and around the router or the modems are a key recipe for disaster.

They cause these devices to overheat. Excessive overheating can potentially sabotage the quality of functioning remarkably.

It is advised to perform proper cleaning on your modem and router system.

5. Use Ethernet Connection

Turn off the Green Ethernet setting in your Windows PC; it saves energy but also affects network quality.

Go to the Start menu and look up Network and Sharing Centre. Choose the Change Adapter setting and right-click upon Connection. Go to properties and then Configuration.

Open the Advanced/ Power Management tab and disable Green Ethernet.

6. Switch Frequency Band

A Dual-band router allows users to switch from the band they are currently on. Simply sign in to modem settings and open Wireless Settings.

Select the channels menu and change the channel. Save and apply the settings.

7. Use a Wi-Fi extender

Wi-Fi extenders give your Wi-Fi a wider range of connectivity to function upon. It also gets rid of spots where the internet is not accessible. Go for a versatile extender with higher capabilities.

8. Do an Antivirus scan

To identify if there are any interfering malware or viruses present in the system, run a deep virus scan. If any problem persists or is identified, clean it with updated Antivirus software.

9. Check for power outages

It is important to know whether there seems to be an overlying problem at the end of the provider such as a bug or an error in the code. You may contact the customer care helpline for the same.


If you are facing the issue of Spectrum Internet dropping frequently, then it is understandable if you get frustrated. However, these troubleshooting methods will definitely help you to fix the issue.

Hopefully, this article will provide you with everything that you need to know about why Spectrum internet keeps dropping and how you can go about fixing it.

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