How to Fix the TCL Black Screen of Death Quickly?

They sell these Television sets in different sizes, some even offering “larger than life” entertainment with their huge size. TCL has been doing a good job at living up to its aim of providing simple yet wonderful technological pieces. Unfortunately, several users have complained about an overlying issue with their TCL TVs lately – namely the TCL black screen of death. 

TCL is a popular name in the world of High definition, QLED, and 4K quality TVs. They specialize in Wi-Fi-enabled smart TVs that can fulfill the entertainment needs of the modern household. The brand also has several awards in its name for revolutionary and powerfully performing devices, as well as holding the credit for bringing forward the world’s first big-screen QLED TV. 

The TCL black screen of death, as it is called, will be dealt with in this article along with solutions you can take up for it.

What is the Issue with TCL Black Screen?

While users can achieve a seamless viewing experience with the TCL TVs, they sometimes run into issues. The black screen is one of them. In this issue, the screen does not wake up at all and is pitch black as if turned off. 

Sometimes the TCL black screen with sound occurs, in which the sound keeps working which indicates that the TV is working but its display is not. However, it is not something that cannot be fixed easily. Let us move on to understand the various causes behind the occurrence of this issue.

Cause for the Black Screen of Death

A problem such as the “Black Screen of Death” in the TLC TV may happen for several reasons ranging from a simple loosening of wires to a serious underlying problem. TV screens by TCL also do not work when the remote has expired batteries. 

Other times, it is possible that your TV’s backlight is failing at functioning and needs repairing. Lastly, there may simply just be software or system bugs in the TV that need to be removed.

Possible Fixes for the Problem of TCL Black Screen of Death

Now that the various reasons behind the occurrence of the TCL black screen have been covered, it is now time to move on to some effective solutions for the same. Here are some troubleshooting methods you should consider trying out whenever you face the issue of the TCL tv backlight not working:

1. Restart the TV Screen

This is a highly generic option to go for. Try restarting the TV screen to see if the problem prevails. Often, several bugs are removed by restarting a faulty device.

2. Ensure Proper Connections

As mentioned earlier in this article, loose wires can make all the difference in your TV screen’s performance. See if the video output wires are in the right place and connected properly.

3. Check the Status of Your TCL TV Remote

Since TCL screens do not work if the remote does not have working batteries, it is important to keep checking if the batteries in your Roku remote are functioning well. In case they are not, change the batteries and see if you can access the screen now.

4. Check the LED Indicators of the TV

There is a status light under the TCL Roku TV. When glowing, it indicates that it is receiving power. Not glowing can mean otherwise and must be a reason why you are not getting any video output on your screen. To solve this, unplug your TV from its socket and plug it back after a while to see if the video returns. You may also try to plug your TV into another socket if this one is not working well.

5. Change Picture Mode Settings

This measure is widely effective for users experiencing the black screen on their TLC TVs. To do this, you need to press the Start button on the Roku remote and select Picture Mode; change the picture mode to Movie. Check if the problem has been eradicated.

6. Resetting the TV through the Remote

If you have ever wondered how to reset the TCL Roku tv with black screen, follow the following steps:

Click a few buttons simultaneously on the remote control. Press Home five times > press Up once > press Rewind twice > press Fast Forward twice. This will reset the TV and will most certainly remove the error.

7. Check for Updates

Outdated models do not perform up to the mark or do not work at all. It is the same with TVs. It is much recommended to look for firmware updates for your TV to help it run better.

8. Hire a Technician

If you are not able to tackle this problem on your own, it is better to leave it in the hands of a trained professional.

9. Contact TCL Support

If no self-try methods are working for you, you may also contact TCL help and customer care for more precise solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you fix a black screen on a TCL TV?

A. To fix this issue, you may try restarting, updating, resetting, properly connecting, or seeking professional help.

2. Why is my TCL TV turned on but the screen is black?

A. This may be caused because of expired remote batteries, outdated software, loose wires, or a simple bug.

3. Why is my TCL TV not showing a picture?

A. This may be caused because of expired remote batteries, outdated software, loose wires, or a simple bug.

4. How do I reboot my TCL Roku TV with a black screen?

A. Simply unplug the screen and plug it back in after a while to see if it works.


As scary as the black screen of death in TCL TVs may seem, they are a very commonly witnessed issue. The troubleshooting methods to tackle issues such as TCL light blinking black screen are fairly easy to try out and should be enough to fix your television. 

However, if you are not able to fix the issue on your own you should never hold back from contacting a professional who holds expertise in the area for help. Hopefully, this article will provide you with everything you need to know to fix the issue of the TCL black screen of death.

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