Verizon Global Vs LTE-CDMA: Which One Should You Go For? 

Cellular technology has greatly evolved and has its roots all across the world. LTE-CDMA and Global are two of these technologies, which contributed to the evolution of cell phone communication. But when it comes down to Verizon Global vs LTE CDMA, which one to go for? 

Verizon provides both network types. In the USA, the service of the networks depends on coverage and network strength. Therefore, you should choose one between Global vs LTE depending on your activity.

Global Mode 

Though the Global mode turns on when you are traveling outside of the US, you can keep it on even when you are within the country and facing issues with CDMA/LTE. In this case, the Global mode will try connecting to the most recent technology to help you overcome network obstructions. 


Most of the time you are running on the LTE-CDMA network setting on your device. It delivers the most reliable signal quality. Usually, throughout the United States, the LTE-CDMA setting works the best and is a preferable option for those that are struggling with network and signal issues at a specific location when switched to a different network mode.

Verizon Global Vs LTE-CDMA: Key Differences

1. Accessibility

Compared to the Global mode, the LTE/CDMA has limited access to services provided by the carrier to consumers. Moreover, the LTE/CDMA mode requires a specific frequency of the network to connect, hence in the network mode Global vs LTE accessibility – Verizon Global wins.

2. Network Strength

The LTE-CDMA being specially designed for domestic use provides very strong connectivity throughout the network coverage. On the other hand, Verizon Global mode cannot provide a strong worldwide network.

3. Network Stability

In comparison, the LTE-CDMA has better network stability if used within the network coverage by users at all times. The Global mode, however, provides quite unstable connectivity within the move because it continuously searches for the best connectivity within the range.

4. Coverage

The network coverage of the LTE-CDMA is limited to state boundaries. Using the Global mode of the Verizon carrier, you will get comparatively very expanded network coverage. You can also use Global mode to move across borders and use different or the same service providers on your phone.

5. Battery Usage

LTE-CDMA mode consumes a lesser amount of battery power; on the other hand, the Verizon Global mode uses up a lot of battery juice. Even in standby mode, it continuously uses battery power because it continuously searches for better network coverage and stability. As a result, the connection remains active most of the time and uses battery power.

6. Service Quality

The service quality of a network depends on its stability and coverage. Thus, the LTE-CDMA provides a premium quality network. Moreover, the internet accessibility of high-speed 4G is far better in the LTE-CDMA mode of connectivity.

In contrast, the Verizon Global connection had more problems with call dropping, latency, and disruption problems. Since it uses a wide range of connections, internet speed also varies from place to place. Hence if you want to make a decision based on service between verizon network mode Global or LTE – go for LTE.

Verizon Global and LTE-CDMA: Comparison Chart

1.  Verizon Global gives you access to connect to multiple networks, while with LTE-CDMA only a few selected networks can be used

2.  Verizon Global is suitable for use in different parts of the world, while LTE-CDMA can only be used within the radius of the particular network coverage.

3.  Verizon Global has comparatively average speed with the internet, while LTE-CDMA provides high-speed internet connectivity.

4.  Verizon Global’s call and other service quality are not very great within the coverage, while LTE-CDMA provides premium quality.

5.  The Global mode of the network can use all the carriers in the world, while with LTE-CDMA only selected modes of the selected carrier can be used.

6.  Using Verizon Global all Global entertainment facilities can be used, while with LTE-CDMA only the services confined within the USA are allowed.

7.  Verizon Global has higher expenses for multiple accessibilities, while LTE-CDMA has a comparatively lower expense.

Verizon Global Vs LTE-CDMA: Which One Should You Go For? 

First things first, the network mode you use depends on where you are and what options you have available with you. If you are in an area that only supports LTE-CDMA, then you will be required to change the settings to one that allows your phone to be compatible with CDMA. 

The ideal network setting in the US is LTE-CDMA. On occasions when you are traveling internationally, we recommend switching to the Global mode (which is specifically designed for foreign travel). 

Verizon usually has better network coverage when it comes to LTE-CDMA, while also saving battery. If you have a Verizon phone, the Global network type will be set as default on your phone. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1 Is CDMA the same as Global?

Ans: The CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and Global connectivity modes are two different mobile standards used for different purposes. The CDMA carrier can only be used in limited and particular devices with the network allowance. The Global mode can use most of the available network standards without any difficulties.

Q2 Which is better CDMA or LTE?

Ans: Depending on your activity, you can choose between Global and LTE-CDMA. The LTE-CDMA is for local usage, providing a better, faster, and quality connection. If you move in between the states or outside the USA, the Global mode is a better option for you.

Q3 What does Global mean in network mode?

Ans: Verizon Global is a cellular technology that helps you easily connect with the GSM network when you are traveling outside of the United States.

Q4 Why is my phone asking me to switch to a Global network?

Ans: When your phone’s network mode is set for LTE-CDMA and you lose service, you will get pop-ups asking you to set your network to Global.

Q5 Why does my phone switch to a Global network?

Ans: When your phone’s network mode is set for LTE-CDMA and you lose service, your phone will ask to switch to a Global network to connect to the best network within the range.


Both the LTE-CDMA and the Verizon Global carriers have some similarities and dissimilarities. Besides, the uses and purposes are different as well. Now which one you consider out of the two entirely depends upon the user and his activity. 

Hopefully, this article will help you clear any confusion around Global vs LTE CDMA.

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