Why Is My Roku Audio Out Of Sync? Fix It Easily

Roku is a sound and cable equipment company with the main aim to provide an affordable entertainment setup. Roku is selling good quality TV complements to have their consumers get a good entertainment experience.  However, there has been an overlying issue with the Roku audio out of sync lately. This article will walk you through the causes and fixes for the Roku sound delay.

What Does Roku Audio Out Of Sync Mean?

The issue, as the name suggests, has been trouble where the audio produced in the speakers is not in synchronization with the video. Sometimes the audio is delivered quite late, and at other times it simply is going at a faster and different pace than the video. 

It is a great deal breaker for the viewers trying to have an immersive experience on their entertainment setups. With time, it has been realized that this issue is common with a lot of Roku users.

How To Fix Roku Audio Out Of Sync?

The solutions for this issue are very simple to try out for the user. Here is a list of some detailed fixes for the issue of Roku audio delay:

1. Reboot

The simplest trick to try to get on track with your audio and video synchronization is to reboot your devices. Reboot the speakers and the screens. It helps the devices refresh themselves and begin all over again. You may also try disconnecting the power supply to these and reconnecting them after a while.

2. Reconfigure

Sometimes, a bad sync is the result of misconfigured settings. Try to fix the audio settings on your television. Changing the audio settings to “stereo” shall normally do the trick for you in this case. The process for this setting goes as follows-

  • Press the home button on the Roku remote
  • Open settings
  • Select the “audio” option
  • Change the audio mode to “stereo”
  • Set the HDMI mode to PCM-Stereo

3. Check Your Network and Connections

You shall make sure you have a well-functioning and stable internet connection. A bad internet sometimes causes audio or video lag while streaming. Moreover, you can try to make sure that all the devices are well connected to the main source as well as to each other.

4. Use the Keys

You may try disabling and enabling the volume mode on the remote. Sometimes, pushing the asterisk/star (*) key on the remote can also work.  Press and hold this button, volume settings will pop up on the screen. 

Find the “audio leveling” option in the list and disable it if it has been enabled. That may very well make your audio and video synchronized.

5. Clean Caches

Clearing your device’s cache can help it process and function better. This may fix your issue of audio lagging. To do so, follow the given steps-

  • Open the main menu, go to the “home” tab
  • Press the following buttons consecutively:
  • Press the home button five times
  • Press up
  • Press rewind two times
  • Press fast forward two times

The device will clear its cache and then begin to restart.

6. Fix the Video Settings

Sometimes, you may have to tweak your video settings as well to achieve a sync in both audio and video. Follow the given steps-

  • Press the home button five times
  • Press the reverse button three times
  • Press fast forward two times
  • When the bit rate override menu appears, select the manual selecting option.
  • Try selecting a lower bit rate to see if it works. If it does not work, keep working on lower bit rates until the issue is resolved.

7. Reset The Device

Another option is to reset your Roku device to its default factory settings to solve the Roku sound lag problem. This will make you lose all of your saved settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I fix my out-of-sync audio?

A. You can fix the out-of-sync audio by setting digital audio to PCM, changing the current A/V sync setting, or by setting pass-through mode to Auto

2. How do the lips not match the words on Roku?

A. This is possible because of unsynchronized audio and video.

3. How do I sync my Roku sound?

A. You can try out methods such as rebooting your devices, customizing audio settings, clearing the device cache, and making sure the connections are well attached.

4. Why are my streaming video and audio out of sync?

A. This may happen because of bad internet, an overloaded cache, an error in the code, or faulty settings.

5. How do I fix the Roku sound delay?

A. Restart your device, change audio and video settings, clear cache, or reset your Roku device.


Roku TV has been able to enable good quality entertainment for its users, which is what it had meant to do. Even with its errors and glitches, it can deliver good service to consumers. By adopting these tips and tricks, resolving the issues becomes easier and you are back on track sooner than you think. Hopefully, this article will provide you with everything that you need to know to fix the Roku audio out-of-sync issue.

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